Speech Therapy 16 Month Old

As children progress through the developmental milestones of their lives, they will go through changes in their language skills. By the time a child is nearing their second birthday, they should be able to say at least one word. Children’s language continues to evolve as they learn new words and new ways to use those words. When a child reaches 16 months of age, they have usually mastered the ability to speak in full sentences and put their words together into simple phrases, although they may still experience difficulty getting their thoughts out when speaking with others. The following are examples of typical speech development for a 16 month old child.

Speech therapy is a way for kids to learn how to speak easily and effectively with others. With the help of a speech therapist, kids can overcome speech problems they are having related to their oral language or articulation. Speech therapists usually work with children in schools or other places like hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Speech therapists use different methods and approaches to help kids with speech problems. One method is called Oral Motor Integration Training and it involves exercises that require the mouth and tongue muscles to move together in an effective way. Another approach is called Rapid Prompting Method which helps kids learn faster by using physical support from the therapist’s hand when needed. When working with kids on speech therapy, therapists will work on activities that involve clear communication, such as making a request or giving simple instructions. They will also work on activities that help children have good social skills, like turns taking and sharing.

Because of the development of a child’s language skills, there is a great need for speech therapists in the world today. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) one out of every ten children has a speech, language, or hearing problem. This is why speech therapists are needed to help young children develop these skills.

In order to become a speech therapist it takes a lot of education and experience. First you must earn a bachelor’s degree in speech-language pathology. Then you must take state licensure exams and apply to become a member of ASHA and obtain your ASHA certification.

After you have earned all this you will then be ready to start working as a speech therapist. There are many different specialties in this field such as: Audiology, Language Intervention, Fluency disorders, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, etc.

The work that is done by speech therapists is very important because they provide services to children from birth through adulthood who have difficulties with speaking, hearing, or swallowing. They also provide people with communication disorders that can’t speak at all or who are unable to communicate with others due to developmental disabilities or acquired brain injury among other things.

16-month-olds are beginning to enjoy simple pretend games and are able to recognize similarities and differences in size, color, and texture. They can use language to comment on objects around them and imitate animal sounds. During this phase, they also begin to develop a sense of self as they discover their body parts, name them, and learn how their body parts work.

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