Sensory Fidget Tube

The Sensory Fidget Tube is a hollow tube filled with small plastic balls, which move around inside the tube when it is turned. When you spin the tube in your hands, the movement of the plastic balls inside is said to help soothe anxiety and nervousness. The product website claims that it “calms and focuses those who fidget by giving them something constructive to do with their hands.”

The company behind the Sensory Fidget Tube claims that it is “a non-distracting tool designed to keep idle hands busy so they don’t cause trouble.” The tube comes in several different colors and two sizes: one size for small hands and one size for adult hands. There are also three types of fillings: small beads which make a rattling noise when moved; large plastic balls which make a soft thump when shaken; and large beads which make a clicking noise.

Sensory Fidget Tube is a durable, industrial-grade tool for those with autism, ADHD, anxiety and/or sensory processing disorder. The smooth texture of the Sensory Fidget Tube encourages children to relax and focus on their tasks.

There are three different types of Sensory Fidget Tubes: one that makes a noise when chewed, one that was designed to be chewed on but doesn’t make a noise and is more discreet, and one that has a soft, spiky texture that can be used to massage sore muscles in the hands or neck.

Sensory Fidget Tube is a sensory toy designed to keep your body and mind calm. Sensory Fidget Tube is small enough to carry in any pocket or bag and has a smooth, quiet motion that makes it an ideal fidget for those with autism, anxiety, ADHD and other special needs. Simply roll the Sensory Fidget Tube in between your hands to release tension and calm nerves.

Sensory Fidget Tube is the first all-in-one fidget tool designed to bring relief to those with ADHD. The Sensory Fidget Tube is made up of five sections: a clicker, a marble, a roller, a spinner, and a twister. This tube offers endless combinations of fidgeting options and can be used in any activity including while working, studying or even while waiting in line.

The tube has been designed with both children and adults in mind and will provide hours of relief and comfort to those with ADHD or anxiety disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Tourette’s Syndrome (TS).

The tube works by spinning the middle section to create friction against your skin so that you can feel the sensation of being touched without actually physically touching anything else around you. This sense of touch helps to calm sensory overload and keep your body from overstimulating itself when faced with everyday tasks like sitting at a desk for long periods of time or dealing with stressful situations such as public speaking events where there are many people present at once. Sensory fidget tubes are made of high-quality materials, so they’re durable enough to withstand whatever you throw at them—whether that be hours of play or a hard drop on the floor. They’re great for work, school, home, and more. And they’re textured with a variety of surfaces to keep your fingers busy and your mind focused.

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