Remote Speech Therapy

Remote Speech Therapy is a new, digital way to get the speech therapy services you need. It’s one-on-one care from a licensed speech therapist delivered through video chat. You get all the benefits of in-person speech therapy—but from the comfort of your home.

You’ll be matched up with a speech therapist who has experience with your specific needs and goals, so they can best help you achieve them. We have therapists who specialize in a range of ages (from toddlers to adults), languages (including Spanish and ASL), and areas of expertise (including autism, cerebral palsy, dementia, dysphagia, and more). No matter what you need help with, we have a therapist who’s ready to come alongside you on this journey.

Remote speech therapy is similar to traditional in-person speech therapy, but it is administered via a video connection rather than live in-person. It’s not as good as in-person therapy if you have the option, but it’s better than nothing.

Remote speech therapy is available for children of all ages. This means that whether your child is in preschool or high school, they can benefit from receiving remote speech therapy. Not only will your child be able to receive the help they need, but you’ll never have to worry about missing work time or driving across town again.

Speech therapists are professionals who can help your child overcome their communication challenges and learn to speak more effectively. They will be able to diagnose the problem, set up a plan of action with you, and then implement that plan in order to correct the issue.

The first step is typically an evaluation. During this evaluation, you will work with a speech therapist one-on-one in order to determine what the issue is, and how it can be resolved. This may involve going over your child’s medical history as well as observing how they interact with others both verbally and non-verbally.

Once this has been completed, a treatment plan will be created for you that outlines what needs to happen next in order for them to reach their goal of speaking more effectively.

Remote speech therapy is a convenient way to receive speech therapy using a computer or other device with internet connection. It is often used by people who are unable to leave their homes or those who experience difficulty traveling. This medium is also useful for those who live in remote locations without access to a local speech therapist.

Remote speech therapy is a fast-growing branch of telehealth that combines the convenience of Internet access with the power of hands-on treatment. By using audio and video communication tools, speech therapists can provide treatment to patients who are unable to visit an in-person location.

Remote speech therapy is an online program that uses video conferencing to bring speech and language pathology services to children with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

The goal of remote speech therapy is to increase a child’s participation in daily life by teaching them to communicate their wants and needs, as well as understand spoken language. This program is implemented through various techniques depending on the needs of the client. For example, a remote speech therapist might use flashcards or pictures with a client who has difficulty pronouncing words, or they might create a storybook with a client who has difficulty understanding the meaning of words.

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