Printable Action Cards for Speech Therapy

Action Cards for Speech Therapy are a series of picture prompts that can be used when working with children in speech therapy. The cards include pictures and instructions for actions (e.g., “Give me five!”) that can prompt children to practice articulation and language skills, such as asking and answering questions, describing objects, and more.

Each of these printable Action Cards for Speech Therapy comes in two formats: a large, full-page size and a smaller, card-sized version. If you would like to use them as flashcards, print the smaller version. If you would like to use them as posters, print the larger version.

The colorful and fun deck of cards can be used for games, activities and speech therapy. Use them as a visual cue to encourage children to try new words or practice their articulation skills. They are also great for developing vocabulary, social skills, following directions, and more.

Action Cards are a speech therapy tool designed to help your child practice their skills. They’re fun and engaging, and give you the power to have a meaningful impact on your child’s speech journey!

The cards focus on specific skills, like mincing and munching, which target your child’s oral motor needs. The unique illustrations represent sounds and words to get your child excited about practice.

The cards are not just for speech therapy sessions—children can use them at home to practice the words they’ve learned during their sessions. Parents can also use them to look up specific words and learn more about the ways they can help their children develop language skills at home.

Action cards are an effective tool to use in speech therapy sessions. Speech therapists use these cards to teach a variety of skills. Action cards can help students improve their speech sound production, language skills, and/or social skills.

There are many ways for action cards to be used in speech therapy sessions. One way is to have the student produce the sound that appears on the card. Each time the student produces the correct sound in the word or phrase, they earn a point. If a student has difficulty with production of the sound at the beginning of a word, but not at the end of a word, you could still have them earn points for saying words with this sound at the end of a word. Another way action cards can be used is to have students practice answering questions about what they see on each card, such as discussing what is happening or describing all of the objects they see on each card.

Action cards are great to use during speech therapy sessions because they make learning fun! They also allow students to practice skills in a more natural way since they involve interacting with other people and using real-world objects and tasks on each card.

Action cards are designed to help children learn the names of everyday objects. This can be rather difficult for children with speech delays, because they may not have the verbal skills necessary to name the items in their environment.

Action cards can help children overcome this difficulty by providing visual reminders of the names of common items. They also encourage them to interact with these items and make them come alive in their imaginations as they change their positions and add new elements to their environment. Action cards are available in packs of five or six and come with an instruction sheet that explains how to use them correctly. The cards feature brightly colored pictures on one side so it’s easy for kids to distinguish between different types of objects even if they can’t read yet.

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