Preschool Math Activities for Fall

Whether you’re planning for your own child or running a preschool program, there are numerous fall math activities you can do with kids before the year ends. The most popular ones tend to be the simplest which is why I’m suggesting what I feel are the tastier ones among the family-friendly choices. Preschool math is a lot of fun and can be made more exciting with fall-themed math activities for preschoolers. Tracing dots and connecting fall-themed shapes are all perfect ways to get the kids to practice important math skills. The leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting cooler. It’s time to start thinking about fall math activities for preschoolers.

Fall means autumn, which in turn means apple trees, harvest, back-to-school season and pumpkins! Why not take advantage of these themes to create some fun math lessons? Here are some ideas:

  1. Create a chart of the fall colors you see outside. Make sure to include red, orange, yellow and brown. Have your child use crayons or markers to fill in the chart as he sees those colors outside.
  1. Teach your child about patterns by using friendly zombies! Color small pieces of paper with the colors red, orange and yellow to represent brains. Use pieces of paper in a different color (like green) to represent body parts like arms, legs and feet. Have him make patterns with the zombies like “red brain, orange brain, yellow brain” over and over again.
  2. Hidden numbers: Write down a series of numbers that are related to fall on index cards (1 through 5 for pumpkins). Hide the cards around the house or yard and have your child hunt them down like a kind of scavenger hunt! When he discovers each.

3. Fall leaves: grab a pumpkin, rake, or another item with leaflike shapes on it, and count the number of leaves on each side in an attempt to find out which has more/less. Then get your child excited about doing that activity with every pumpkin, rake, or other leafy object you see! You can extend this by drawing circles around groups of leaves and asking them to count how many are in each circle, or to make a circle with the same amount of leaves as another circle.

Fall Preschool activity

5. Counting pumpkins: go on a walk around the neighborhood and count all the pumpkins you see in windows or on porches as you pass by them.

6. Corn mazes: if you live in an area where there are corn mazes, you can use these as a great opportunity to work on counting skills—count how many steps until you reach the next turn, estimate how many turns will be in each maze (corn stalks), or play “I spy” with something along those lines

Fall Math and Science Activities for Preschoolers

Math science games and activities are a fun way to reinforce important math skills. Science activities help children learn more about the world around them, while focusing on scientific principles. This sight offers science and math activities for preschoolers for all of the seasons. It also provide science and math activities for education purposes for preschool education.

These preschool fall math and science activities for preschoolers are a great way to supplement your preschooler’s education. They are designed by a kindergarten teacher so that at the end of the activities your child will be able to recognize and draw shapes, numbers, letters, simple patterns, and much more. These activities are great for various reasons: It works on fine motor skills, the different activities challenge your child’s thinking skills, and it is fun!

All Themed Math Activities for Preschoolers

Fall is the perfect time to incorporate some math activities into your preschooler’s daily routine, and the best part is that they don’t even have to feel like activities. Whizcircle has published numerous fall-themed printable math worksheets and activities that are perfect for preschoolers . This collection includes a variety of fall-themed printables including color by number worksheets, connect the dots, counting and writing numbers fun, sorting worksheets and more! Preschoolers will love practicing basic math skills while enjoying the colors and fun images of fall.

Preschoolers love learning, and they especially love learning through play. When they’re playing, they’re practicing important skills including counting, recognizing shapes and colors, sorting, and more. Here are a few of our favorite fall-themed math activities for preschoolers. These fun fall math activities for preschoolers are sure to keep them entertained and engaged:

Counting acorns – Acorns are plentiful in the fall, making them a great way for kids to practice their counting skills. Have them count groups of acorns or do simple addition and subtraction problems with them.

Sorting leaves – Leaves come in all different shapes and sizes. Use these differences to help your little one learn about sorting by shape, color, or size.

Making patterns – Patterns are everywhere this time of year! Help your preschooler make their own patterns using colorful leaves or other seasonal items.

Printable Fall Math Activities for Preschoolers

As classes are just beginning again, I thought it would be a great time to share another free fall themed printable pack of math activities. I use these activities with my 2-year old students each year. They are great for children ages 2-3 with counting and number formation skills. It also adds some visual appeal to your classroom. Fall is a great time to teach preschoolers about the beauty of nature, and there are plenty of activities you can do with them while they learn. Here are a few of our favorites!

Counting Pumpkins

This activity teaches preschoolers one-to-one correspondence, an understanding of numbers, and the ability to count. It also gives them the chance to explore color and texture.

What You’ll Need:

● Several pumpkins that have been cleaned out and cut in half

● Scissors

● Markers or crayons for each child in the class


  1. Set up a table with a pumpkin for each child. Make sure you have enough pumpkin seeds for each child as well.
  2. Give each child some markers or crayons and small pieces of paper. Have them draw a small picture on the paper. The picture should be something they can count, such as leaves or flowers. Then put it aside.
  3. Give each child a pumpkin half, and show them how to clean out the inside (with supervision). Tell them they might find some seeds inside! When they’ve finished cleaning their pumpkin, have them count their seeds and

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