Pop It Sensory Toys

Pop It Sensory Toys is a company that creates sensory, tactile toys for kids with special needs. They believe that children with special needs have the right to play and have fun just like all other children. Their mission is to make toys that every child can enjoy, no matter what their abilities are. Their toys include popping bubbles, fidget toys, and sensory bottles. Pop It Sensory Toys’ products are designed and made by a team of dedicated professionals who have experience working with special needs children.

Pop It Sensory Toys makes toys that are fun for kids of all ages. They believe that the best toys are those made from high quality materials and that they should be safe for kids to use. That’s why they choose only the best materials to make their products with: cotton, wool, plastic, fabric, foam, rubber, and more.

Pop It Sensory Toys is an online store that specializes in toys that provide tactile stimulation. If you’re looking for fidget toys or stress balls, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for both children and adults.

With Pop It Sensory Toys, you can satisfy your need to fidget and show off your personality all at once! These fidget toys are made of stainless steel and rubber, engineered to look like different professions, animals, or other subjects. They’re also totally customizable! So whether you want a toy that looks like a unicorn or one that looks like a piece of toast with butter on it, we can make it happen.

And did we mention that each toy is able to stand up to 600 PSI? That’s higher than the pressure exerted by a hippopotamus’ jaw (which is about 500 PSI). You know what else has strong jaws? Birds of prey. So if you accidentally drop your Pop It Sensory Toy out of an airplane (or an eagle’s talons), it will still be fine. That’s not just peace of mind—it’s relief you can count on when it really counts.

Pop It Sensory Toys is the leading manufacturer of auditory stimulation tools for autistic children. Our toys are designed to provide auditory input that can be adjusted based on a child’s sensory needs. We take into consideration the child’s gender and age, as well as the severity of their autism.

Pop It Sensory Toys are designed to engage the senses of children with autism and other sensory processing disorders. These toys provide a safe, satisfying way for children to process their environment in a productive way that provides emotional regulation and stress relief.

Pop It Sensory Toys come in many different shapes, colors, and textures to provide a variety of experiences. Squeezing, stretching, or popping them provides a unique physical sensation that focuses energy on the hands and arms. This allows the child to direct their attention on one activity while calming down. For children with sensory disorders, fidgeting with these toys can also help calm themselves while they remain focused on their schoolwork or activities.

Pop It Sensory Toys is an online toy store focused on sensory play and toys. They have everything from chewable necklaces to textured balls to give children a variety of sensory experiences. All of their products are BPA-free, latex-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free, so parents can feel confident in the quality of their toys. The site was designed with accessibility in mind, and all descriptions have been written with the goal of being understood by children with autism or other special needs. Pop It Sensory Toys also offers a subscription box for customers who want to try out a variety of different sensory toys without having to commit to buying them all individually.

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