Playgrounds for Special Needs

Playgrounds for Special Needs specializes in designing and building custom playgrounds that are specifically designed with children who have autism spectrum disorders or other physical challenges in mind.

A park is a place that holds a special place in the heart of every child, and keeps them running, jumping and swinging during almost every visit.  Yet for children with special needs, a trip to the park can be a source of anxiety and frustration.  Play areas that are not accessible to children with special needs can put them at risk of injury by denying them access to safe, age-appropriate play areas.

Playgrounds are often designed without considering special needs children. These children are left out of the fun and games of a playground, while their peers play freely and happily.

Playgrounds for Special Needs is dedicated to making accessible playgrounds and playground equipment that helps special needs children and their families get the needed activities, playtime, and exercise they deserve. They are the only nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing accessible playgrounds and playground equipment for all children with special needs, including those with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, and other developmental disabilities.

Playgrounds for Special Needs uses volunteers to build playgrounds in underserved communities across the country. They also partner with parks departments and other organizations to help ensure that these play areas are accessible at all times.

By providing accessible play spaces on a broad scale and working with governmental agencies across the country (purchasing equipment from federal government contracts) Playgrounds for Special Needs has been able to not only provide accessible housing but also teach people about disability awareness in general.

Playgrounds for Special Needs aims to change this by building a network of special needs playgrounds across the country, starting in the state of Illinois. They have already started fundraising and acquiring land, but they need your help! Head over to their website at, where you can make a donation, sign up as a sponsor, or volunteer.

The lack of specialized playground equipment for disabled children is a national problem. In the United States, there are about 4.4 million disabled children under the age of 5. These kids need specialized playground equipment to help them get the most out of playtime and to stay in shape.

Playgrounds for Special Needs is a nonprofit that helps build safe playgrounds for disabled kids so they can have a place to play and be active too. These playgrounds include special equipment such as wheelchair swings, slides with safety straps, and even sensory-friendly swing sets. All of the equipment was designed by occupational therapists and physical therapists to make sure they are safe and fun for all kids to use.

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