Pictures of Special Education

Special education is the education system that is designed for students who require special attention and specialized instruction. The term special education usually refers to a student with a disability, but it can also refer to gifted students. Special education students are taught by teachers who are trained in special needs instruction and often have paraprofessionals to assist them.

In order to receive special education services, a student must have a disability affecting their ability to learn, as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The disability must also affect the student’s progress in school.

Special education is a branch of education that caters to students with learning disabilities. Special education involves teaching methods and an environment that meets the developmental needs of these students, as well as providing them with appropriate educational goals.

Education is key for all students, but for students with special needs, it is even more important. This program wants to show parents the importance of having a teacher who can be empathetic and compassionate in order to better connect with students.

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