Orange County Speech Therapy

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports that the most common type of speech disorder is stuttering, occurring in approximately 5% of children. Stuttering may be characterized by repetitions of sounds, syllables, or words; prolongations of sounds; and frequent pauses or blocks in speech. The NIDCD also notes that many children experience a period of disfluency when they are learning to speak. This normal disfluency occurs most often when children are acquiring more complex grammatical structures, particularly between the ages of 2 and 5.

Speech therapy is a type of rehabilitative treatment that helps people with speech and language problems. The specific goals of speech therapy vary, but they often include improving comprehension, fluency, vocalization, and speed of cognition. Speech therapists work with people who have had strokes, who have developmental delays or autism spectrum disorders, or who are recovering from brain injuries.

The typical length of time for speech therapy is 90 days to one year. If the person’s condition is stable or improving, then the provider will most likely discharge them after about a year.

Aphasia is not caused by paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles. It is important to know this because you may confuse aphasia with other causes of speech difficulty such as dysarthria, the medical term for slurred speech that occurs due to weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles.

If you have aphasia, it doesn’t mean that you are less intelligent than before your injury. Some people with good recovery may be able to return to work while others will need more help. There are many different types of communication aids available that can help you cope with aphasia.

The speech therapy program at [company name] is designed to help patients improve their ability to speak. The program is led by expert speech therapists who are dedicated to helping patients regain their vocal abilities and strengthen the muscles in their face, mouth, and throat.

During the program, a patient will work with a speech therapist on improving his/her ability to speak clearly and coherently, but also on improving his/her quality of life as it relates to his/her ability to communicate with others. A good speech therapist will take into account each patient’s individual situation and lifestyle in order to customize the therapy for each patient. Speech therapy is a personalized way to not only learn how to pronounce certain words, but also increase your confidence when speaking in front of others and gain strength in your jaw and throat for everyday activities like eating and drinking. Speech therapy gives you the tools you need to conquer your daily challenges, whatever they may be.

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