Online Special Education Doctorate

The online special education doctorate program teaches students to create positive change in the lives of learners and their families. Earn a Ph.D. in Special Education online and develop your research and leadership skills to improve education for individuals with disabilities.

When earning an online degree in special education, you’ll study topics like development and learning processes, assessment, intervention and planning for the future of the student. You may also complete coursework that covers learning disabilities like autism spectrum disorders and behavior disorders like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

The curriculum for a PhD in this field focuses on the science of human behavior and how to apply that knowledge to educate people with autism and other disabilities. The program offers a combination of advanced coursework and research-based training.

The Online Special Education Doctorate is designed to prepare students for careers as practitioners, professors, and researchers in the field of special education. This program will better prepare students to address the needs that are unique to individuals with disabilities.

As a special education teacher, you know there’s no time to waste when it comes to helping students with learning differences flourish. That’s why we offer the online Special Education coursework in our Ph.D. program—so you can get the specialized training you need to stay on the cutting edge of educational research and practice without having to put your life on hold.

The online classes are just like our in-person ones: led by full-time faculty, and focused on your success as a learner and a leader. And when you earn your degree, we’ll be right here, ready to support you as you apply for jobs or work toward licensure.

Through a challenging curriculum, you will expand your knowledge of special education law and ethics, research, assessment, and clinical instruction. You will gain hands-on experience from trained professionals in the field, and by graduation you will be well positioned to lead the way in special education reform.

As a student in the Online Special Education Doctorate Program, you will be exposed to information and techniques that will allow you to: work effectively with children who have disabilities; understand the legal ramifications of teaching children with disabilities; collaborate effectively with parents, school staff members, doctors, therapists and other professionals who are working with children with disabilities; and analyze disability-related legislation and policy for potential effects on students’ educational experiences.

The program offers two degree options: a Certificate in Special Education, or a Doctorate in Special Education. Both courses include a focus on teaching methods and school administration. You’ll learn how to manage student behavior and how to use technology to enhance the classroom experience. You’ll also learn effective ways to communicate with parents and other teachers, and how to help students succeed with their individual needs. The Certificate Program is intended for students who are looking for an introduction to Special Education, while the Doctorate Program is designed for those who want to pursue a career as a professional educator or administrator.

That’s why we’re committed to providing our students with the best possible learning environment through our Special Education Doctorate program, which can be completed entirely online. Over 12 months of study, you’ll be able to build on your existing foundation as an educator while learning to meet the specific needs of students who learn differently from others.

The online special education doctorate program at [school name] teaches students how to support and teach diverse learners. This program will help you develop your skills in research, leadership, and advocacy for students with disabilities. The aim of the program is to provide students with the tools they need to have a positive impact on all young people, from preschool children all the way through high school.

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