Online School for Special Needs Students

A school that serves students with special needs has many obligations and considerations in order to continue serving the student population. Because the physical structure of an online school is different than a traditional one, it also requires a change in approach to ensure that every student receives a quality education.

When it comes to finding a school for your special needs student, you want the best of both worlds: the focus and care found in a specialized school plus the flexibility and convenience of an online education. What if we told you we could provide both?

Most of the schools offer both live classes and self-paced courses in subjects from math to reading comprehension. Most instructors are dedicated specialists who truly care about helping students succeed and have a lot of experience working with students who have special needs. But what makes some school truly unique is their custom curriculum. They work with each student’s parents, teachers, therapists, and doctors to determine their individual strengths and challenges, then create a curriculum that addresses their needs in an engaging way.

They also offer one-on-one courses for those students who learn better in a one-on-one model. These courses usually last for 10 weeks, but they can create a schedule that works best for you and your family, too.

By offering these services online, they provide educational opportunity (and a peace of mind) to families all over the country—families who don’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience or convenience for quality. Exciting isn’t it?

The mission is to provide students with good-quality education , and this is done by offering both online and in-person options to meet the diverse needs of student body. In addition to allowing students to complete coursework from home, we also offer tutoring services for those who need extra help outside of class.

We believe that each child should be treated as an individual, not just a number on an attendance sheet. Because of this philosophy, we strive to connect with every student’s unique personality and learning style so they can get the most out of their experience.

The program utilizes a proprietary curriculum and assessment software that is based on research from top universities across the country. The curriculum has been developed and tested by teachers who have extensive experience working with special needs students, ensuring that it is not only academically rigorous but also accessible to each individual student’s needs. The program tracks students’ progress using data points collected while they work through the curriculum and generates reports that can be shared with parents as well as other members of the student’s support network.

That’s why we’ve created a personalized learning model that allows every child to succeed at their own pace, on their own terms. Whether it’s a one-on-one video chat with a teacher who will answer questions over and over again until your child comprehends, or an online class with 3 other students who have the same learning disabilities—we know that each student learns differently, and we are committed to making sure all of our students get the individualized attention they need in order to gain confidence and excel.

Our online school for special needs students is designed to make homeschooling as simple as possible for you and as engaging as possible for your child. Our curriculum is flexible and can be adapted to fit your child’s needs. Plus, it’s all protected by the same technology banks use to keep your money secure, so you never have to worry about privacy or confidentiality issues.

Our teachers are licensed professionals with extensive training in special needs education and certification in teaching English as a second language. They’re dedicated to helping your child succeed—and they go above and beyond to make sure they do just that.

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