Online Master of Special Education

The program is designed for educators who are working with students who need special education services and are looking to gain the expertise needed to address those students’ needs. You’ll receive the skill set to assess and diagnose issues, create IEPs and other legal documents, implement strategies and interventions, and more.

The MSEd program is offered 100% online, allowing you to balance your education with other life commitments. You’ll take part in engaging coursework that builds on your existing knowledge and skills, preparing you to advance in your career.

This program is designed for teachers who are already certified in special education or for non-certified teachers looking to add a master’s degree in special education. We help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to help children and adults meet their personal, educational and professional goals.

You’ll learn how to develop curriculum that meets the unique needs of students with autism, speech or language impairments, intellectual disabilities, emotional disorders, hearing impairments and developmental delays.

The program offers two tracks: one track focuses on Early Childhood Special Education, while the other focuses on Interventions & Instruction. Both tracks require an internship or practicum experience, which allows students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations.

The Master of Special Education online degree program gives you the advanced knowledge and skills you need to empower students with exceptional learning needs to reach their full potential. With this online master’s degree, you can help all students achieve success by working as a special education teacher, learning specialist or academic coordinator.

You’ll learn about the best practices for teaching your students based on the latest research in special education, including how to use new technologies and interventions to improve learning outcomes. You’ll also gain hands-on experience through fieldwork opportunities in the community.

A master’s degree in special education will qualify you to teach students with learning disabilities, physical challenges, and developmental delays. This includes students with autism, Down syndrome, dyslexia, and other conditions that require extra attention and specialized instruction.

Graduates with a masters in special education have many options for careers. Most special education teachers work for public schools, but private schools do hire, as well as state and federal agencies. Some graduates may decide to pursue careers as school administrators or educational consultants to work directly with faculty members on improving student outcomes.

With a strong foundation in research and evidence-based practices, you will learn with leading faculty members who are actively involved in research and the special education community, while you earn your degree on your own terms. You can finish the program in two years or less, giving you the freedom to work full-time while completing your master’s degree.

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