Online Edd Special Education

The program provides opportunities for students to study current issues and research in the field of special education, as well as develop the skills needed to be leaders in the field.

A typical online Doctor of Education (EdD) program requires students to complete 60 credit hours and a dissertation. Students can often complete their EdD programs entirely online, with minimal on-campus requirements. They may need to travel to campus for an orientation session, a dissertation defense, or other events.

Special education is the practice of educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Ideally, this process involves the individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment and materials, accessible settings, and other interventions designed to help learners with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and their community, than may be available if the student were only given access to a typical classroom education.

Earning an online EdD in special education will help you become a leader in the field of education. You’ll be able to develop programs that make education more accessible for students from all different backgrounds and with various learning needs as well as advocate for your students and their families.

An online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Special Education prepares you to be an expert in special education policy, research and leadership. The program is designed for educators who are interested in pursuing advanced professional practice and/or leading change in the field of special education.

As a student, you’ll learn from experts in the field as well as professionals currently working in the field. You’ll learn about special education law, assessment, assistive technology and more. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to conduct your own research and complete a capstone project in your area of interest. By graduation, you’ll be prepared to address issues surrounding diversity and multiculturalism as they relate to people with disabilities.

The online format allows you to continue working while taking courses that will help you advance your career. You’ll also be able to build relationships with students from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for special education.

The online EdD prepares education professionals to make a real difference in their schools and communities by integrating academic theory and professional practice. You’ll use your own school’s data to identify problems, find solutions and measure results – all while you work.

This program is designed for students who have completed a master’s degree and have at least three years’ teaching experience. The curriculum focuses on topics such as inclusive educational practice and policy, assessment and evaluation techniques, applied research methods, curriculum design and development, and more.

This 100% online program is designed to give you the skills to implement best practices and research-based strategies into your current classroom, school, or district setting. Graduates of our EdD program are prepared to become qualified candidates for leadership positions in special education, such as directors of special education, curriculum specialists, and assistant principals.

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