Online Certification in Special Education

This course is a survey of special education and its relationship to the total educational enterprise. Students will develop an understanding of the historical, legal, and philosophical foundations of special education; the characteristics of individuals with exceptionalities; and the implications for teaching and learning.

The program offers a well-rounded introduction to the field of special education. You will learn about basic educational concepts like teaching methods, classroom management, and educational assessment. In addition to these topics, you will also receive instruction on more specific areas of the field such as educating students with ADHD, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia and more.

At the conclusion of the coursework you will complete a practicum during which you will work in a supervised setting practicing your newfound skills. There is a no doubt that this specialized experience will prepare you for your future career in education.

Thinking about becoming a special education teacher? This online certification program could be a great way to get started. Earn your certification entirely online and on your own time. It’s the perfect opportunity for working professionals who are ready to make a change in their careers and the lives of others.

Special education can be defined as an educational practice that focuses on educating students with special needs. These needs may include learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioral issues, and physical challenges. In some cases, a student with special needs might also have an emotional or intellectual disability.

As a special education teacher you would work alongside general education teachers to provide individualized instruction tailored to the unique needs of each student. You will also work with parents, families, and other professionals in order to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). You will plan lessons, create curriculum that is appropriate for each student’s ability level, evaluate student progress, and implement new teaching strategies as needed.

The program is designed to provide the advanced training you need to support the academic and social growth of children with disabilities, including those with autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, hearing impairments, or learning disabilities.

You’ll learn about inclusive practices for children with special needs and how to address their learning goals through evidence-based instructional strategies and behavior management techniques. The knowledge you gain will prepare you to support students through a wide range of approaches, from differentiated instruction and assistive technology to positive behavioral intervention and supports (PBIS).

The skills you develop through our program can help you pursue leadership roles in general education classrooms, special education resource rooms, or self-contained special education classrooms. You’ll also gain the knowledge base necessary to become a highly qualified teacher of children with special needs.

With an exclusively online delivery format, you can earn your degree and maintain your current work schedule without interrupting your career. The curriculums  are designed to provide flexibility and convenience without sacrificing academic rigor or quality instruction.

The Online Certification in Special Education program is designed for individuals who are seeking to obtain the teaching certificate necessary to work with students with disabilities. Students who complete this program will have the skills and knowledge required to develop, implement, and evaluate individualized programs for students with disabilities, as well as collaborate effectively with parents, co-teachers, other professionals, and community resources in order to support student learning.

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