Oae Special Education 043 Study Guide

The OAE Special Education 043 Exam will test you on the skills and knowledge needed to be a special education teacher. The exam has three subtests, all of which are multiple choice. You will have four hours to complete the three tests, and each test has 50-60 questions.

The first subtest is the Foundations of Special Education. This section assesses your general knowledge of special education practices and pedagogy. It covers: planning; instruction; assessment; legal and ethical issues; collaboration; students with disabilities; and more.

The second subtest is the Assessment of Students with Disabilities. It focuses on your ability to understand individualized education program goals, assessments, and evaluation processes, as well as their required documentation, progress monitoring, and more.

The last subtest is the Individualized Education Program. This section focuses on your ability to effectively plan instruction for students with disabilities. This includes understanding the requirements for IEPs, IEP meetings, individualized transition plans, and more.

You will be given three hours to complete this exam, so be sure to practice pacing yourself as you study. Additionally, the exam is computer-based, so you should make sure that your typing speed and accuracy are up to par in order to keep your stress levels low during this test.

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Students who have mental, physical, emotional, or learning disabilities that interfere with their ability to learn and perform in the same manner as other students are classified as students with disabilities. Three percent of all students are classified in multiple categories. Students with disabilities have education plans that provide individualized attention to address their specific needs. Almost 7% of children are receiving special education services, although this number has been decreasing over time.

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The OAE Special Education 043 exam is geared towards potential teachers of mild to moderate students. These students have behavioral and emotional difficulties that may also range from mild to moderate. The students’ conditions do not seriously impair their academic achievement. Studying for this exam will teach you how to teach these students, which is why it is so important for prospective special education teachers to take this exam.

The Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) are exams designed to assess mastery of knowledge and skills in specific subject areas related to teaching or educational support services. The subject matter covered on the assessments varies from English Language Arts (ELA) to Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (MSSS) to Early Childhood Education and many others in between. The tests are generally composed of a mixture of multiple choice questions and constructed-response questions.

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