Nuk Brush for Speech Therapy

The Nuk Brush was created by a Speech Language Pathologist to assist with tongue and lip strengthening. The brush is based on the Tongue Thrust method of therapy, but in a fun, easy-to-use format. The brush features soft, flexible bristles that are comfortable for your child to use.

The Nuk Brush is a speech therapy tool designed to help people with oral motor exercise. The brush’s bristles are made of super soft silicone and are designed to stimulate the tongue and throat for those who have difficulty speaking.

The Nuk Brush has a flexible, durable head that fits comfortably in the mouth of both children and adults. Its long handle makes it easier for therapists to get a good grip on the tool while they are working with their clients, and it also keeps the brush at a comfortable distance from the therapist’s face.

The Nuk Brush helps speech therapists teach their clients how to correctly position their tongues and lips when they speak and make sounds. The brush helps them see exactly where the tongue is positioned within the mouth so that they can teach their clients to move it into place before making a sound or speaking.

The Nuk Brush was developed by a speech therapist who wanted to create an easier way for her students to learn how to enunciate properly without having to constantly tell them what they were doing wrong or where their tongue needed to go in order for them to say each word correctly.

The Nuk Brush is a specially-designed toothbrush for kids with speech therapy needs. It has two bristles to help teach children how to brush not only their teeth, but also the gums and tongue. By using the Nuk Brush, parents can help their children learn the habit of brushing their teeth and can help them learn how to brush in a way that helps develop good dental health. The Nuk Brush is designed to be used by children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.

The Nuk Brush comes in a variety of colors and designs, including ones that feature popular cartoon characters. The brush handle has a rounded design that makes it easy for little hands to hold on to, and it has an ergonomic shape that makes it easy for younger children to grasp. The brush head is designed so that the bristles are soft enough to clean the gums without damaging them. The bristles are made from soft material that will not scratch or damage delicate gum tissue.

The Nuk Brush is available at retailers nationwide, as well as online from several different retailers. Parents can purchase the brush at most local drugstores, department stores, or online from several retailers who specialize in selling products for oral health care needs. Made of soft, squishy silicone and available in fun colors like bright green, electric blue, and purple (as well as neutral colors like white, grey, and black), the Nuk Brush is customizable—you can cut it to fit the size and shape desired. The textured surface provides tactile stimulation on the lips, cheeks, gums and tongue.

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