Maths Activities for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for fun math activities for preschoolers, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of math activities early learners that will help your little one get excited about numbers, shapes, and patterns.

1. Make a graph with M&Ms

Ask your child questions like “Are there more brown M&Ms or green M&Ms?” or “How many brown M&Ms do we have? How many total do we have?” This is a great introduction to graphing and early math concepts.

2. Balance scale activity

Get an old-school balance scale (or make one out of craft supplies) and show your child how it works with this balance scale activity. You can use socks to represent different weights, or even other objects from around the house (think: stuffed animals and books). This introduces the concepts of heavy and light in a very accessible way.

3. Number matching game

This number matching game is good old fashioned fun! Your preschooler will love practicing their number recognition skills with this simple cut-and-paste activity.

4. Shape scavenger hunt

Your little one will be thrilled when you tell them it’s time to go on a shape scavenger hunt. A fun way to teach math to preschoolers is through play. Tell your kid that you’re going to make a game of it. This child should still be learning how to count, but they also should know their shapes and colors.

5. Begin by drawing three different shapes on separate pieces of paper. Then, ask them which one they like best by saying “Which one is your favorite?” If they point at the square, say “Good! You like the square.” Then, show them how each shape has a different number of sides. For example, the square has four sides, and the circle has zero sides. Ask them questions about the shapes such as “Which one feels soft?” or “Which one makes you happy?”7. Next, give them some objects in varying sizes and ask them to count them out loud. For example, if you have four crayons and a book, you might ask them to count from 1-4 as you hold up each item in turn. Then, ask them which one they like best: “Do you like this crayon or this book more? Why?”

You can also ask questions such as: “How many pieces of pizza do we have here? 

Math Activities for 5 Year Olds Virtual

Math activities for 5 year olds are a great way to introduce math concepts to younger students. Some great activities include creating a simple maze using paper, pencils, and markers. This activity helps students learn how to use paper and pencils while creating a maze that they can play with later on.

Another good activity is to create flashcards with math facts on them so that students can practice their skills at home. These types of activities are fun and exciting for younger children because it allows them to be creative while learning new information at the same time!

One of the best ways to introduce math activities for preschoolers is through games. Games help children learn about patterns, numbers, and shapes in an engaging way. Some of the best games for helping children learn to count are: Bingo, Tic Tac Toe, and Connect Four. Playing these games will teach your child how to recognize numbers and how they work together.

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