Masters of Science in Special Education

The Master of Science in Special Education is designed to prepare special education professionals to be leaders in their field. The program is aligned with the needs and demands of the modern special education classroom, emphasizing both the latest teaching methods and research knowledge.

The core courses provide a foundation in research and theory as it relates to teaching exceptional learners, while also focusing on practical application of best practices. The elective courses allow students to focus on their career goals and interests by allowing them to select a specialization.

Graduates of this program will have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to address the wide range of educational needs of diverse populations with disabilities in an inclusive environment. This program emphasizes evidence-based practices and collaboration, providing students with the skills they need to promote social justice and equity for all students.

The Masters of Science in Special Education degree program focuses on the application of teaching methodologies and strategies to create a robust learning environment for students with unique educational needs. As part of your degree requirements, you will complete 60 credit hours.

The Special Education Program is committed to the education of students with intellectual and learning disabilities. The program provides students with an opportunity to engage in intensive research and professional development in a variety of special education settings. The primary goal of the Special Education Program is to prepare highly qualified specialists who will be able to meet the needs of children and youth with learning disabilities.

The Masters of Science (MS) in Special Education is designed to prepare professionals who will provide educational services and support to individuals with disabilities. Graduates of the program are eligible for a master’s degree and an initial teaching license, or an advanced license add-on for those with a current K-12 special education license.

Students will learn from faculty who have years of teaching experience in special education and related fields, gain valuable field experience in schools and community organizations, and obtain real-world insight into special education through guest lectures from professionals in the field.

The Master’s of Science in Special Education will teach you how to help students with special needs thrive as they learn. You will learn best practices for teaching students who have learning disabilities, autism, sensory impairments, and other challenges.

You will also study learning theory and behavior management, as well as acquire skills that will allow you to collaborate with other teachers and family members to provide the best possible environment for your students’ success.

The Masters of Science in Special Education is a rigorous program designed to prepare you to be an outstanding educator. As a graduate, you’ll find yourself even more fully prepared to meet the needs of exceptional students in a variety of educational settings.

You’ll learn to be an effective teacher and leader who is able to shape the learning experiences of exceptional students and advocate for their needs. You’ll also become knowledgeable in best practices that inform effective policy and practice.

This program is based on the philosophy that everyone should have equal access to education. It’s designed for individuals who want to work with children or adults with varying disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbances, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, and low-incidence disabilities such as deafness, blindness and developmental delays.

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