Masters of Inclusive Education

The Master of Inclusive Education is a professional qualification for qualified teachers and other professionals who want to develop their understanding of inclusive education at an advanced level.

This course explores current theories, research and policy debates around inclusive education. It aims to facilitate your development as an individual with a critical understanding of the values, principles and practices that underpin inclusive education in a range of settings. The course is designed to help you enhance your professional practice in the field of inclusion through engagement with educational theory, policy and research in this area.

The Masters of Inclusive Education program is designed to help you take the next step in your career. This online program offers a flexible schedule, so you can fit it in around your current work life, and is geared towards busy professionals who want to develop their skills in inclusive education. The program’s curriculum will help you gain a strong foundation in the core principles and theories of inclusive education that can be implemented directly in the classroom. The Masters of Inclusive Education program offers an easy-to-navigate course structure with an accelerated path to degree completion.

The innovative curriculum covers a wide range of topics that are essential for creating an inclusive classroom—including behavior management, diverse learning styles, working with students from diverse backgrounds, understanding disabilities, assistive technology, and more. Students complete the program in two years by enrolling in two courses per semester—and if you have transfer credits from other universities, you may be able to shave even more time off your degree.

The program is dedicated to helping teachers become leaders in their field, with the ultimate goal of helping them become an administrator or principal at a school that supports inclusion. As an educator, you understand that every student has the right to an education that fosters their growth and development. Our Master of Inclusive Education program can help you achieve your goals while also helping your students thrive.

This specialty track will give you the knowledge you need to recognize, address, and advocate for issues related to diversity as they relate to underserved populations in a K-12 school setting. As part of your masters program you’ll complete a capstone course that puts the theories, best practices, and studies you’ve learned into action.

Coursework covers topics such as facilitating communication, addressing behavior, and promoting social skills. The program focuses on developing an understanding of and an ability to apply best practices that support learners with all abilities.

With an increasing number of students entering schools with various needs and learning styles, it is important that educators have the knowledge, skills, and specialized training necessary to meet the learning needs of all students.

The MIE program’s curriculum consists of 12 courses, all offered online, that are taught by faculty with expertise in special education, teacher preparation, and technology integration. The coursework emphasizes practical strategies that can be applied immediately in classrooms, schools, and other educational settings. Graduates are prepared to meet the needs of students with disabilities in general education classrooms as well as to teach in self-contained special education classrooms. They work in a variety of roles such as paraprofessionals, general education teachers seeking special education certification or endorsement, teacher educators, and leaders from public schools, private schools, community colleges, universities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

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