Masters in Special Education with Teaching Credential

This degree is designed for individuals who already hold a teaching credential, but want to add a specialization in special education to their skillset. The program offers a cutting-edge curriculum that emphasizes evidence-based practices and engages students in the latest research methods. Students will learn how to design innovative strategies that meet the needs of all learners, and they’ll graduate with the skills they need to become highly effective teachers at the middle or high school level.

Students in the program learn about how to educate students with special needs, including those with mild-to-moderate learning disabilities and developmental delays, as well as gifted students. The goal of the program is to prepare students to be both highly effective teachers and leaders in their schools and districts.

The credentialing program prepares students to become well-rounded educators who are able to understand their students’ needs and modify instruction accordingly. Students will learn how to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for all students in their classes, whether they have special needs or are simply more advanced than the average student.

They will also be trained on how to use data to analyze student progress and adjust instruction accordingly. They will learn about instructional design and learning theory, so that they can create effective lessons that engage all learners.

In addition to coursework, the program involves 500 hours of fieldwork in K-12 settings. This allows students to gain practical experience while they are still enrolled in the program.

Students complete coursework on campus and participate in fieldwork placements where they can apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

The program is designed for those who want to teach children or adults with disabilities; for those who are interested in working as special education teachers or school psychologists; or for those who want to pursue careers in related fields such as social services, community agencies, rehabilitation facilities, and other non-school settings.

This program can be completed in 2 years (5 semesters) if you work full-time during the day. You can also choose to complete it in 3 years by taking one class per semester. Most students complete the program in 2-3 years.

The Masters Program leading to Special Education Teacher Credential is designed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree in a liberal arts or sciences field and wish to become credentialed special education teachers at the elementary or secondary level. In addition, students will earn a Master of Arts degree in Special Education. This extension of eligibility for the teaching credential may be completed concurrently with your studies for the Master’s degree or after completion of your master’s degree requirements.

It is designed for teachers with preliminary teaching credentials who wish to pursue a Masters degree or preliminary teaching credential in special education, or those currently seeking their first teaching credential in special education. This program will prepare candidates to work with students who have mild/moderate to severe learning, emotional, or behavioral challenges, from ages 5-22 years old.

The Special Education credential program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for working effectively in a variety of settings with individuals from preschool to high school who have mild/moderate disabilities.

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