Master of Special Education

This program helps you develop the skills you need to support the needs of a diverse population of learners, while also meeting your personal and professional obligations. The program is 100% online so that it fits into your busy schedule. You can complete coursework on your own time, and interact with instructors and classmates through chat rooms and discussion boards.

With a Master of Special Education, you can develop the skills to help students with special needs reach their full potential. In this degree program, you will learn about the unique needs of children with disabilities and how best to teach them using specialized instructional strategies.

When you graduate, you will know how to address common barriers to learning that students encounter and how to implement instructional strategies that are effective in supporting those students’ achievement of learning goals. With your degree, you’ll be well-equipped to empower all children regardless of background or ability level.

The Master of Education in Special Education program provides the opportunity to earn a master’s degree, take coursework leading to licensure in mild-moderate disabilities (K–12), and/or pursue coursework that leads to an endorsement in autism spectrum disorders.

The Master of Education in Special Education will prepare you to teach children with special needs. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the theory behind the best practices for teaching children with disabilities, as well as the opportunity to put that theory into practice by developing your own curriculum and collaborating with other educators.

The Master of Special Education program prepares teachers and education professionals to meet the needs of students with disabilities, including Sensory Impairments (VI and HI), Specific Learning Disabilities(SLD), Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD), Intellectual Disabilities (ID) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

This program is designed for teachers, administrators, and other professionals seeking an in-depth knowledge of special education in order to guide students with special needs. It can also be used by practicing teachers who wish to become certified in an area of special education.

This program is completely online, so you can earn your degree from anywhere. All courses are taught by faculty who have been field-tested in the classroom—and who are committed to helping you succeed in your career.

In the Master of Special Education program, students learn to develop and implement instructional methods in order to improve student outcomes. Graduates are prepared to work with students who have developmental and/or learning disabilities, supporting them in a variety of educational settings.

In order to earn this designation, you must first have a bachelor’s degree in special education. The courses you’ll take to get your master’s degree are typically the same as those you would take if you were earning your bachelor’s degree.

However, the classes will be much more in-depth and cover all aspects of education from math and science to history and literature. You’ll also learn about the latest research on special education and how it affects students who have disabilities.

You’ll start off by developing a solid foundation in the different special education needs and challenges you’ll encounter in the classroom, as well as how to support students with those challenges. Then you’ll move on to more advanced topics like how to create plans for students’ individual education programs (IEPs), how to design curriculum that is accessible for all learners, and how to assess student progress.

Throughout your classes, you’ll be taught by faculty who are experts in their fields and bring real-world experience into their teaching. And because the program is completely online, you can learn on your own time while continuing your career in the field of special education.

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