Lawyer for Special Needs

Lawyers for Special Needs is dedicated to helping people with disabilities and their families meet the challenges of everyday life. They help you identify your legal needs, find the right lawyer for you, and learn about other helpful resources in your community.

There are many reasons to have a lawyer who specializes in special needs:

  • Special needs trusts 

You need a trust that can offer your family member with special needs financial security, but you don’t want to change their eligibility for government benefits. A special needs trust allows you to manage their money while keeping the benefits they depend on. A lawyer who specializes in special needs can help you set one up.

  • Government benefits 

Speaking of government benefits, there are lots of them! To qualify, however, your loved one’s income and assets need to fall within a certain range. A lawyer who specializes in special needs can help you manage these finances so that your family member continues to receive the support they deserve.

  • Guardianship issues 

Your loved one might not be able to make decisions for themselves because of an intellectual disability or mental illness. If this is the case, you’ll want to get guardianship of them so that they can still live a full and happy life with your support and guidance as their guardian.

  • Advocacy at school and work

Sometimes it can be difficult for people with special needs to advocate for themselves in school or at work, if they have these experiences available to them.

Special needs lawyers understand that this may be an emotional process. Helping you navigate the legal system so that you can protect your family is their responsibility and passion! They will walk with you through every step of this process, from creating documents to answering questions and addressing concerns as they arise. They see their clients as part of their extended family, and they are committed to ensuring that your family is whole for generations to come.

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