Intro to Special Education Online Course

Are you interested in learning how to adapt your teaching to meet the needs of students with disabilities? In this course, you will learn how to create an inclusive learning environment that is flexible and accommodating to students with a variety of special needs. You will learn how to determine appropriate educational goals, recognize and address problem behaviors, create collaborative relationships with students and parents, and more.

This course is designed to provide you with a high-level overview of special education, including learning disabilities, the impact of disabilities on academic performance and behavior, identifying and evaluating students with special needs, and the laws and ethics involved in special education.

In this course, you’ll find yourself surrounded by other educators who are working in the field of special education. These educators have a wealth of knowledge and experience they can share, and they’re eager to help you find the answers you seek. In addition, certified instructors, like me, are here to guide you through the material. 

Special education is a topic that has been getting more attention in recent years—and for good reason. We have been learning more about how to help people with disabilities function in different settings, including in schools. In this course, we will explore how special education services are provided to students in public schools as well as how federal laws apply to these services. 

We will start by looking at the historical background of special education, including the history of special education law. Then we will explore some common practices and procedures used in special education today. Finally, we will discuss the controversy surrounding how best to serve children with disabilities and what impact this has on their educational outcomes.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about special education and its history or who wishes they had learned more earlier on during their own educational career (e.g., teachers). 

This is a course for educators who would like to learn about the field of special education. This course provides an overview of the major topics, issues, and legal requirements that apply to educating students with disabilities.

Special education is a rapidly-developing field that is constantly challenged to keep up with the needs of students. Not all students learn the same way, and special education professionals must be able to understand what their students need in order to help them succeed.

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