Inclusive Education University

Inclusive Education University is an online educational resource created for special educators, general education teachers, administrators, and parents. It is designed to be a tool for teaching students with disabilities in regular education classrooms.

Inclusive Education University helps educators create inclusive classrooms. We believe that education can only be as good as it is accessible and engaging for all students, and we offer practical resources to help teachers make that happen.

In addition to offering courses in traditional areas like English literature, history, and philosophy, IE University also offers courses in personal growth and development. You can learn how to deal with stress through meditation and self-care practices; how to communicate effectively with people from different backgrounds; how to talk about your own personal biases (we all have them); how to recognize when others are speaking from bias; and much more.

Inclusive Education University is an online school for students with special needs. The school provides an education to students who have difficulty learning in traditional classroom settings such as struggling readers, those with ADD/ADHD and dyslexia, those who are on the autism spectrum, and more.

Inclusive Education University (IEU) is a school for students with disabilities and those who are neurodiverse. The school works to match students up with a mentor who has the same disability as they do, allowing the student to learn from someone who understands what they’re going through and can offer them advice. This helps students feel included in their community and gives them guidance in how to navigate their disability in the real world.

Inclusive Education University is an online university that is founded on the principle of inclusion. This means that we believe that all people deserve to have equal opportunity, regardless of their race, ethnicity, education level, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, family background, or ability. We offer courses in a wide range of subject areas in order to accommodate our students’ interests and help them to find employment after graduation.

We also offer a wide range of degree tracks. You can get a Bachelor’s Degree in 2 years with our accelerated program. Or you can go for the Master’s degree in Education Administration in just 1 year.

For those who already have a Bachelor’s degree and are looking to further their career path, we offer a highly concentrated Master’s degree within 1 year.

In addition to these specialties, we also offer continuing education certificates designed especially for teachers who are already working in the field. These programs are offered online so that they can be completed while you’re still working full-time at your current position.

Inclusive Education University is a source for educators, parents, and other members of the community who want to learn more about inclusive education. The mission is to provide resources and support to ensure that every child receives adequate education and has an opportunity to develop their talents.

Whether you’re an undergraduate looking for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or nursing, a graduate student seeking your master’s degree in accounting or teacher certification, or a professional who’s looking to take their career to the next level with an executive certificate program in project management or data analytics, Inclusive Education University has the program for you.

The curriculum at IEU has been developed by experts in each field, who are also practitioners in the industry. They bring their experience straight into the classroom and help shape how students learn and interact with the subject matter. They also help support students through their studies, by providing personal feedback and advice on assignments and research questions.

Each program is designed to be completed in just 24 months (if enrolled full-time), allowing students to get started on their career sooner than at other universities. This can be an advantage when looking for employment opportunities after graduation.

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