Inclusive Education Professional Development

As a teacher, you have the power to drastically alter the lives of your students. When you choose to pursue professional development through Inclusive Education, you’re making a commitment to being the best educator possible—and in return, we make sure to provide you with responsive and valuable resources.

The Inclusive Education Professional Development program aims to provide educators with the tools necessary for them to make their classrooms more inclusive and empowering environments for all students.

Inclusive Education recognizes that all children are capable of learning, no matter their age or abilities. We know that a child’s educational experience can make all the difference in the world. We also understand that not all teachers have been fully equipped or prepared to meet the needs of their diverse student population.

Professional development training is a vital part of being an educator. Districts can offer training to help people get the necessary credentials and certifications, but they can also offer training to help people learn new skills that will help them teach their students more effectively.

Inclusive Education Professional Development seeks to transform teaching practices in order to improve academic outcomes for all students, particularly those students who have historically been underserved by the education system.  This is a two year program that focuses on changing how teachers view the classroom and how they approach their teaching methods.  The first year is spent focusing on creating inclusive classrooms.  The second year focuses on determining outcomes that are critical in an inclusive classroom, measuring those outcomes and then identifying ways to improve student performance.

The Inclusive Education Professional Development course is designed to provide school and district personnel with a basic understanding of inclusive education. The basis of the content is on laws, regulations, and policies that guide decisions about the placement of students with disabilities. The course builds on this foundation by providing information related to appropriate programs, practices, and strategies to support the success of all students in general education environments.

Inclusion Press provides professional development opportunities for educators and school personnel who work with students with disabilities in inclusive settings. Through our workshops and online courses, participants will learn about research-based teaching practices that support the academic, social and emotional development of all students.

Inclusive Education Professional Development is a research-based model that helps schools to increase achievement and improve outcomes for all students. The program trains teachers to work with students with disabilities and struggling learners, educators learn how to adapt lessons and assessments, and the tools provided help track progress and identify areas of need.

Inclusive education is a process that involves a commitment to all learners’ right to be fully included in their school, community and broader society. It strives to provide the highest quality of education and equal opportunity for all students. It is a philosophy that embraces diversity in the classroom and aims to change attitudes, practices, policies and structures with the aim of creating more inclusive schools.

The following professional development sessions are based on current research about how to support teachers, staff and parents to ensure that all students have equitable access to curriculum by using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles in the classroom/school environment.

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