Inclusive Education Conference

The Inclusive Education Conference is an annual event held in Sydney, Australia, that brings together a worldwide audience of educational leaders and assistants to discuss the latest developments in inclusive education. The conference has been running since 1995, when it started with just 10 attendees. Now the event draws more than 500 teachers and educators from over 20 countries! It’s a great opportunity to network and find new ideas for teaching students with disabilities.

Inclusive Education Conference sessions will focus on the role of assessment, classroom management strategies, collaboration with families, and how to address specific needs of individual students. Participants will gain new ideas and strategies for teaching diverse learners and leave with a community of colleagues from across the country.

The Inclusive Education Conference is the premier event for educators, administrators, and parents interested in the latest thinking and practice around what it means to build inclusive schools. The conference brings together thought leaders who share a commitment to ensuring that all learners are valued, respected, and able to thrive in their school communities.

The conference will provide a space for educators to come together and share best practices, challenges, strategies, and ideas to improve education for all students—including those with disabilities. The day will be filled with activities, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to foster thought-provoking conversations that lead to meaningful action.

What does “inclusion” mean? It means that all children, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, or disability have access to an education that fits their needs and allows them to thrive academically and socially. For students with disabilities in particular, this means that they have equal access to their education in all aspects—including the physical environment, communication systems, instructional materials, supports and services.

The Inclusive Education Conference will consist of panels led by experts in the field of inclusion as well as breakout sessions designed to allow attendees to brainstorm solutions for inclusion at their own schools. The conference will not only feature experts but also parents who are currently working with schools to meet the needs of their children.

The Inclusive Education Conference is unlike any other education conference. This one-day event brings teachers, parents, and students from across the country to learn how to create a more inclusive classroom environment for children with disabilities.

There are two main goals of the conference: first, to help those who are working with students with disabilities or who want to learn more about inclusion understand how they can, as individuals or collectively, make the world a more inclusive place; second, to promote inclusion through research, advocacy and networking among professionals and families.

Inclusive education is a way of thinking and acting that acknowledges the right of all students to be educated in their local schools in age-appropriate classrooms with their neighborhood peers, and it requires proactive efforts to identify and remove barriers to learning for all students.

The conference is designed to let attendees share their ideas about how to make schools more accessible for children with disabilities, share best practices for school leadership teams, and learn about effective planning, implementation and monitoring plans for inclusive education.

The conference is designed to provide educators, advocates, and families with the resources and strategies necessary to help students who are Deaf or hard of hearing achieve academic success in regular education settings. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about current research and best practices in inclusive education from national experts and leaders in the field.

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