Homes for Special Needs Adults

Homes for special needs adults are designed in such a way that their residents are able to live comfortably, independently, and safely. They are often equipped with wider doorways, lower counters and sinks, emergency response systems, and other features that allow someone who requires special accommodations to live safely and comfortably in their home.

Homes for special needs adults can be found throughout the country as a part of a growing shift towards providing individualized care to individuals who require special accommodations. To find homes for special needs adults near you, please use the search tool above.

This program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for adults with special needs. Our staff will work closely with you to come up with a care plan that bests meets your loved one’s needs.

Homes for Special Needs Adults are homes designed to meet the needs of an adult with developmental or physical disabilities. The houses are designed and built especially for the adult who will reside there. Homes for special needs adults can be equipped with a ramp, wheelchair-accessible showers, handles on all doors and cabinets, and other features that can help an individual with limited mobility to perform daily activities more easily and safely. 

These homes can also be equipped with a full kitchen (including stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave etc.), dining room, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, washer & dryer hookups, central air/heat system, and other amenities.

Homes for Special Needs Adults (HSNA) is a residential home for adults with disabilities that also provides support services to help these adults live as independently as possible. HSNA’s mission has remained the same since its founding in 1991: to help people with disabilities reach their highest potential through the creation of a safe and nurturing environment.

HSNA provides residential homes, located throughout St. Louis, with an average occupancy of five to six residents per home. These homes are comfortable, private living spaces and come fully furnished or unfurnished, depending on the needs of the resident. The location of each home depends on the availability for a given person and any particular requirements that person may have.

Each home is staffed by at least one employee around the clock, who provides assistance and support as needed throughout the day and night. The staff also provides transportation to medical appointments, shopping trips, recreational activities, and more.

Homes for special needs adults are designed to provide safety, security, and stability to children who are transitioning into adulthood with disabilities. This is a time when many parents feel as though they have lost control over the care of their child—and that is a frightening feeling.

Residents receive individualized care plans that include specific goals for their quality of life and overall health. Residents participate in various activities each day—such as art therapy classes—to help them reach these goals or maintain existing levels of functioning.

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