High Chair for Special Needs

This high chair is designed for individuals with disabilities, including those with cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or Down syndrome. It comes in two sizes – large and small – and both are made of a lightweight aluminum frame. The seat and backrest are made of a padded vinyl that is easy to clean. They also have a tray that can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs.

The High Chair for Special Needs is a special high chair that provides comfort and support for children with disabilities. The seat has a custom fit which helps to ensure the child is securely positioned in the chair. The seat also features a low backrest, which prevents the child from sliding down in the chair. The headrest provides a secure place for the child to rest while sitting. The footrest is adjustable and can be lowered so that it is higher or lower depending on the height of your child.

The High Chair for Special Needs is an ideal solution for parents who want their children to have the best possible experience while dining out at restaurants or visiting family members.

It can be used as a standard high chair when not in use, allowing you and your family members to enjoy meals together without any worry about being accidentally knocked over by small children.

The High Chair for Special Needs is the solution for eating at restaurants and home with children who have feeding difficulties. It can be used at home or on the go, and the child is always facing you to interact and make eye contact while they eat. 

The chair is portable and folds flat for easy transportation and storage. The seat back has three different positions to accommodate different sizes of children. The seat also has a strap to secure the child in place. This chair comes with a mealtime fun pack that includes a plate, utensils, a cup, and more.

The high chair is designed to feed children with special needs. It is made of light polymers and can be easily folded. Wider than usual, it can accommodate children with disabilities, such as obesity or cerebral palsy. The device is equipped with a removable tray and a footrest, which can be adjusted to the height of the feet.

The High Chair for Special Needs provides excellent postural support and positioning, as well as an adjustable five-point harness that includes a hip belt, chest strap, lateral supports and footrest. The removable tray has front panels that can be dropped to allow side transfer access. The tray also features a non-skid surface that keeps items from sliding off.

This high chair is built of easy-to-clean materials and features a standard seat size of 14 1/2″ wide by 11″ deep with an overall width of 22″, an overall height of 36″, and an overall depth of 21″. The seat height adjusts from 21″ to 25″ from the floor and the tray adjusts from 10 1/2″ to 18″ in two different positions. The recommended weight capacity is 50 lbs.

The High Chair for Special Needs is made out of lightweight materials that are easy to clean and maintain. If a child has an accident during mealtime, the entire chair can be tossed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. The chair can also be wiped clean with any common household cleaner if it gets dirty from food or other sources of messes.

The High Chair for Special Needs is comprised of three parts: the seat, which has been specially designed to accommodate different body types and postures; the restraint system, which includes pelvic straps and an adjustable five point harness; and the tray, which can be adjusted to account for different heights, arm lengths, and reach. Each part of the chair can be modified based on the specific needs of each child.

A high chair is a necessary piece of equipment for most families with children.  The high chair allows the child to be at table-height, and join in on family mealtime.  For parents who have children with disabilities, or developmental delays, finding a suitable high chair can be difficult.  Most commercially available high chairs are not designed to hold children who lack the ability to sit up unsupported.  Fortunately, there are special needs high chairs available that cater to children with these needs.

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