Group Data Sheets for Speech Therapy

Speech therapists can be some of the busiest professionals around. Working with multiple clients who often have varying needs, it is not uncommon for a speech therapist to find themselves overwhelmed by paperwork. Group data sheets are one way to combat this issue.

Group data sheets are worksheets that help speech therapists track their clients’ progress while they work with multiple clients at once. As the name implies, group data sheets are made to be used during therapy sessions where several clients participate at once.

Within these forms, you will see a column for each client’s name, along with rows that mark out certain skills the client has been working on. The speech therapist will mark which skill that client worked on during that session and whether they passed or failed it. Group data sheets provide an easy way to track progress and save time when filling out progress notes later.

These data sheets are used in speech therapy with children to keep track of the frequency and types of sounds that were made during each session. It is best for these data to be collected at the end of the session, but if that proves impossible, it is better to collect the data soon after the session than not at all.

The purpose of this group data sheet is to track students’ performance during speech therapy. The therapist will record the date, name of student, total time spent with student, and a short description of the activity performed. For each session, the therapist will record how many times the student demonstrated the targeted skill along with a brief description of those instances.

This group data sheet can be used to collect data on the following speech and language skills. Simply add a checkmark when the student has completed a task correctly. The number of checkmarks out of total trials can then be transferred onto the summary data sheet.

The purpose of using data sheets is to allow the clinician to track client progress and evaluate outcomes. Data sheets are used to support progress monitoring and goal writing, as well as treatment planning, which facilitates our ability to be accountable for our clinical decisions.

The following pages include a sample data sheet for each of the speech-language domains. Each data sheet includes a list of sample goals that can be tailored to meet each client’s individual needs. Also included is a blank sample for each domain for you to customize for your own data tracking purposes.

In speech therapy, we track a patient’s progress with data sheets. Each individual has their own sheet, but they’re all so similar that it’s a waste of time and money to re-do them every time someone new comes into the group. Using Google Sheets, it’s possible to create one sheet that automatically generates a new version for each patient in the group. That way, when we open up the google sheet for our patients’ data, we can see all of their sheets at once.

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