Games for Speech Therapy Online

Games are a great way to give students a meaningful and motivating context in which they can practice. This page contains all of the games available on this site. The games are listed by category, so you may wish to look through the categories first and then try the game that is most appropriate for teaching what you want to teach.

The Therapy Source is an online, speech therapy games website. We are a team of speech and language pathologists who have created a number of speech therapy games for individuals who have difficulty with articulation or apraxia. The website features free and paid versions of the games that are used to help children and adults with speech impediments. The goal of the site is to provide access to effective speech therapy activities that target specific areas of need such as phonemic awareness, articulation, and oral motor skills.

The ability to speak clearly is important for everyone. It helps you convey your message, connect with others, and build and maintain relationships. Many people struggle with speech due to a variety of reasons. Some were born with conditions that impair their ability to speak properly, while others may have developed speech problems due to an illness or injury. For them, there are therapies that can help improve their speaking abilities. They work on the language skills they need to improve speech and also work on their understanding of spoken words.

Games for Speech Therapy Online is a digital platform that allows speech therapists to create and share their own therapeutic games. The goal of Games for Speech Therapy Online is to make it as easy as possible for speech therapists to create fun and engaging games, so that they can spend more time helping children learn and less time creating resources.

Speech therapy is a proven method for helping children with a wide range of speech issues, including delayed language acquisition and speech sound disorders. Speech therapy has been shown to help children with autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy learn the skills they need to communicate.

The difficulty with speech therapy is that it can be difficult for parents to find time to take their child to sessions. Additionally, it’s important for children with developmental issues to practice speech in a variety of settings, not just during one or two sessions every week.

Have you heard about [company name]? It’s a new online platform for speech therapists to use with their clients. It makes therapy fun, which is great for kids, but it also has a lot of data-tracking tools built in, so it’s great for adults, too.

There are plenty of resources on the site for patients and parents, including some fun articles on how to boost language skills with your child at home, as well as a series of videos on how to use the different games that are available. Of course, the biggest draw is the games themselves—there are dozens to choose from!

There are even real-time reporting features that provide therapists with detailed information about each session. The reporting features allow you to track things like how many repetitions were given, or how many words per minute were spoken during a session. You can even track what kinds of sounds your patients are struggling with, and filter by age group (preschool through adult).

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