Free Online Speech Therapy for Stroke Patients

Speech therapy can be effective at helping stroke patients recover their speech. However, it is often expensive and difficult to obtain in rural areas. The online speech therapy platform can help reduce the cost and increase the availability of speech therapy by providing a free online version using artificial intelligence.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to recommend speech exercises based on an initial assessment of the patient’s current capabilities. Every time a patient completes an exercise, the AI provides more detailed recommendations and exercises based on what was learned from that session. This iterative process helps patients continue to improve their speech recovery without needing to schedule appointments with a therapist or pay for in-home care.

Patients can use the Better Speech program from the comfort and privacy of their own home, or anywhere that they have access to internet or phone. Patients are able to set their own goals and work at their own pace. They also have access to a team of expert speech pathologists who can answer questions and offer support by email.

As you may know, a stroke is a disease that occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain stops. When this happens, brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die during a stroke, abilities controlled by that area of the brain such as memory and muscle control are lost. After a stroke, patients typically need physical rehabilitation to help them recover lost motor skills and regain their independence. There are many kinds of physical therapy available, but when it comes to speech therapy specifically, there aren’t many free options that can be easily accessed online or at home.

The company’s software is designed to make it easier for stroke survivors to regain lost speech and language skills through a series of simple, easy-to-follow exercises. With one click of the mouse, patients can access a wide variety of games and activities that are scientifically proven to help restore language function.

After a stroke, recovering can be an expensive, time-consuming process. Especially if you or your loved one lives in an area that’s not near a good speech therapist. But now, we’ve made it possible for you to get the same quality of therapy from the comfort of your own home for free.

Stroke patients are eligible for the program if they have any kind of speech impediment—whether it’s difficulty pronouncing words or difficulty understanding questions. You’ll need a computer and an internet connection, but you won’t need any prior training in speech therapy.

Stroke is a traumatic life event that can leave you feeling frustrated and at a loss for what to do next. After suffering a stroke, you may experience speech issues that make it hard to communicate or express yourself clearly. You may feel like your personality has changed completely, and you have no way to regain your old self.

Recovery After Stroke: Regaining the Gift of Speech | Saunders House

The tool is already in use by some of our therapists and their clients who have given positive feedback about its ease of use as well as its effectiveness in helping them achieve better outcomes than other methods available today.

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