Free Articulation Games for Speech Therapy

Free Articulation Games for Speech Therapy is an app that helps kids practice their speech sounds. The app delivers targeted activities to users, including crossword puzzles, diagramming sentences, and more.

The most effective speech therapy games for children are the ones that they don’t even realize they’re playing. The following games are easy to play, and they can help your child get more comfortable with speaking in front of others.

Each player gets a set of cards and places them face down in front of them. The first player rolls all three dice and looks to see what number has come up on each die. If any of the numbers are the same (for example, all three dice show a 3), the player takes one card from another player.

Articulation games are a great way to get your child engaged in practicing their speech sounds. You can use these articulation games as a reward, a break or even as their speech therapy homework!

Articulation games can be completed with just one student or an entire group of students. The best part about these articulation games is that you can use them for any sound in any position of words (initial, medial, final). Just print the free articulation game and add it to your therapy materials today.

If you are a speech-language pathologist who works with young children, chances are good that you have a lot of toys and games in your desk drawer. Why? Because kids love to play with toys, and keeping a few on hand helps motivate them to participate in therapy.

However, what happens when your therapy materials don’t exactly match the speech sounds that you are working on? If you just grab the first game off your shelf because that’s all you have, this can lead to some pretty ineffective practice. And if you don’t have the right materials, what about parents? They need something to play with at home too.

If you are a speech language pathologist or speech-language pathology student, you will find these free articulation games helpful. These are great articulation activities that you can use with all of your students, and they will really help reinforce and strengthen the sounds your students are working on.

Are you a speech therapist or SLP teaching articulation exercises to your students? Are you looking for a fun way to make those exercises even more engaging? If so, then Speech Blubs is the app for you.

Speech Blubs is a free game-based app that offers kids and adults a variety of fun games designed to encourage correct pronunciation, as well as increase vocabulary and overall confidence when learning new sounds. It’s like a virtual playdate with your speech therapist!

Speech Blubs is also great for parents who have children with communication disorders. You can help your child practice their speech goals at home and provide them with reinforcement exercises so they’ll be even more prepared when it comes time for their next session with their SLP.

Articulation activities for speech therapy can be expensive. There is no shortage of apps, games, treats, and toys that you could use with your students to practice their speech sounds in therapy. However, sometimes as SLPs we have to get creative with our budgets, or we just don’t want to spend every last dime on speech therapy materials.

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