Fidget Sensory Toy Set Stress Relief

The Fidget Sensory Toy Set Stress Relief will be a great addition to your toy box. It is made of safe, non-toxic materials and is shaped like a cube. Each side has a different texture, designed to help children with autism or ADHD focus on the task at hand. This set comes with six different toys: two cubes that rotate, two balls that can be squeezed and two blocks that can be stacked. The toy is great for kids who need extra stimulation when they’re bored or anxious.

This is a set of sensory toys that help relieve stress. It includes 12 different toys that you can squeeze, roll, pop and snap – all while keeping your hands busy. In addition to helping with stress relief, these fidget toys are also excellent for ADHD, anxiety, autism and more. Each toy is made of durable materials such as silicone, plastic and stainless steel.

Want a stress-free, distraction-free environment? This toy set is perfect for you! This toy set comes with a stress ball, an elastic bracelet, a twist-and-bendable pencil, and a fun fidget cube with buttons that click, flaps that flip, wheels that turn, and gears that spin.

Each toy has different features so you can find the perfect fit: The Spinning Top spins on its axis when you flick it, making it perfect for people who like to fidget with their hands. It also makes noise when you spin it up or down! The Spiky Ball has spikes all over it that make it feel good to hold in your hand; plus, if you squeeze it tight enough, the spikes give off pressure which helps relieve stress from your fingers. The Fidget Pad has lots of different textures to explore while also giving off pressure when squeezed hard enough.


  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic, soft and safe to play.
  • Ideal for people trying to quit nail biting, smoking, leg shaking and all type of attention disorder issues.
  • The Fidget Sensory Toy is an unusually addicting, high-quality spinner that feels nice in the hands and it is almost silent so you won’t be bothering anybody. You’ll find yourself fascinated by the Fidget Spinner and they can also be used as a way of focus for when you’re studying or working in the office.
  • Our fidget toys are designed to relieve stress and anxiety from adults and children. Recommended by education professionals to increase focus while learning or to relieve stress while working at home or in the office.
  • Colorful: It has various colors that can be used as a fidget toy or a stress relief toy! Great for kids and adults.
  • These sensory toys are great for all ages, like autistic children & adults, ADHD sufferers and anyone with extra energy, high stress & anxiety levels or mild OCD tendencies.

Fidget Sensory Toy Set Stress Relief! Get back to the basics of education with this fun, eye-catching and convenient toy. This set includes 18 pieces of high quality and durable toys that are made for school, home and office use. Each one is unique and also has multiple functions to entertain your children.

These toys are great for kids who have trouble focusing on one activity at a time or those who need some extra stimulation while they work. They help keep kids’ attention focused by providing sensory input through different textures and colors. The toys also help develop fine motor skills, as well as visual perception skills like hand-eye coordination. Plus, they’re just plain fun!

This set contains 18 total pieces including: fidget toy with 4 balls, 2 rings, 3 spinners (2 small 1 large), 1 ball chain attachment for each spinner, 1 string attachment for each spinner, 1 ribbon attachment for each spinner and a storage pouch. All of these items fit neatly inside of our carrying case which measures 9 x 6 inches and closes securely shut with Velcro straps to keep everything safe when not in use.

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