Fidget Sensory Kit

Fidgeting can be a significant source of comfort for people with autism spectrum disorders, sensory processing disorders, and other issues that interfere with the way a person interacts with the world around them. Fidgeting can be disruptive when it becomes excessive or when it interferes with a person’s ability to take part in everyday activities, such as eating or learning.

Fidget Sensory Kits are designed to help kids with autism and ADHD focus. It comes with a fidget toy, a bottle of bubbles, chewbeads, and a spirograph. The kit also comes with an activity book that helps parents plan time to play together with their child.

This fidget sensory kit is the perfect kit for any kid who has trouble sitting still. With a bunch of different fidgets, this kit is sure to help any child that struggles with focusing on their work.

Use the set of Wobble Gagglers to mold and shape your hands into new positions and stimulate your senses in new ways. Explore the textures of different materials with a variety of different friends: Fuzzey Gelatin, Giggle Jiggle, and Snoozle Squeezle will help you explore new sensations and experiences.

Individuals with sensory processing difficulties, such as those on the autism spectrum or with developmental disorders, may benefit from fidget toys. Fidget toys are objects that are designed to be manipulated by the user’s hands. They provide a way to release energy and keep hands busy so that attention can focus better on another task.

The Fidget Sensory Kit is a complete set of fidget toys that can be used to help soothe stress and anxiety, aid in concentration, and stimulate both sides of the brain for increased focus. The kit includes varicolored putty (for squeezing), a metal spinner (that spins with ease), and three different types of colorful stretchy bands (to pull on). These items are all neatly packed inside a stylish tin case that is perfect for bringing with you on the go.

This kit is great for people who struggle with anxiety or ADHD because it lets them release nervous energy in a non-disruptive and safe way. It’s also soothing for people who just need to take their mind off something stressful for a minute or two.

This kit includes a fidget spinner that produces a pleasant aroma and changes color with each rotation. A soothing rubbery cube that can be squeezed repeatedly to relieve tension. A small device that can be flipped over and over for hours of repetitive enjoyment.

The Fidget Sensory Kit is perfect for those who struggle to stay focused and find themselves fidgeting in their seat, twirling their hair, or doodling on notepads. This kit includes three different fidget toys that can be used to keep your hands busy while you work. The first toy is a stretchy stress ball that can be squeezed and pulled at to help relieve tension and stress. The second toy is a set of magnetic rings that can be clicked together, pulled apart, twisted around each other, or spun around your fingers. The third toy is a foldable wristband with mini-games printed onto it, which can be played using the flip-tabs and beads attached to the band. With this kit, you will never have to worry about your pen running out of ink again.

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