Ez on Harness for Special Needs

The Ez on Harness for Special Needs is designed for the more serious wheelchair user who prefers the comfort, convenience and safety of a five-point harness. It is a great addition to any special needs stroller or wheelchair. The Ez on Harness for Special Needs features easy-to-use buckles that are adjustable to fit almost any size and are easily removable for cleaning. The Ez on Harness also includes a headrest pad that provides additional support and comfort for the user, while offering important protection against neck injuries. The headrest pad is also fully removable and machine-washable.

The Ez on Harness for Special Needs is a simple, easy-to-use harness that allows caregivers to easily lift a child from any spot on the floor to a standing position. The Ez on Harness for Special Needs is lightweight and padded, and it’s designed to distribute the weight evenly across the caregiver’s back and shoulders. The Ez on Harness for Special Needs can be worn by either the caregiver or the child, depending on which is most comfortable for the child. The Ez on Harness for Special Needs comes in one standard size, which will fit most children weighing less than 70 pounds.

The Ez on Harness is a comfort harness that makes it easy to transfer a person from a wheelchair to an accessible vehicle or bed. Caregivers will appreciate how easy it is to use, and people using wheelchairs will be more comfortable during transfers.

For years, pet owners of special needs dogs have been subject to difficult and uncomfortable harnesses that did not always fit their dog properly and were hard to put on. The Ez on Harness is specially designed to make putting on and taking off your special needs dog’s harness easy, even if you have limited mobility or strength in your hands. The high-quality materials make the harness durable, breathable, and comfortable, with no padding or extra bulk that can add stress to your dog’s joints or get in the way of using their wheelchair.

Ez-On Harness for Special Needs is a safety harness for children with multiple special needs. It is made to keep them safe and well-secured on walks, car rides, and even flights. The outer layer is made of cotton and polyester while the inner layer is made of soft lycra (similar to the material used in bathing suits). The harness includes two buckles that fasten over the shoulders and around the waist to ensure it stays secure.

Designed with your unique needs in mind, the Ez on Harness is durable, comfortable and easy to put on! The design of the harness spreads the force evenly throughout the body, reducing stress on the shoulders and neck. The Ez on Harness is made of breathable mesh material that is waterproof and easy to clean.

The Ez on Harness is designed to go over your child’s head and then wrap around the body. The harness has adjustable straps and secure buckles that ensure a snug fit. Each strap has a label so that they can easily be identified when putting it on your child.

The Ez on Harness comes in two sizes and fits children from 2-8 years old or 8-16 years old. We also offer an extension for larger children up to 5 feet tall or 80 pounds.

The harness allows the wearer to put on clothes without inserting their arms or legs into sleeves or pant legs. Instead, they step or slide into the clothing and pull it up over them like a robe! This is a safe and easy way to get dressed in the morning, even if you aren’t able to reach over your head or bend down to put on socks.

It can also be used as an extra layer of protection for those who are still developing their fine motor skills. You can use this product to hold up pants while your child learns how zipper zippers, button buttons, and tie knots. This will ensure that they don’t accidentally drop pants onto the floor while trying new things – which could cause other problems like tripping over them later!

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