Ed D in Special Education

The EdD in Special Education program is designed for educators who have an interest in working with children with special needs, to develop leadership and research skills that can help them advance their careers. With the increased number of children diagnosed with special needs, the demand for highly skilled special education administrators is growing rapidly.

As a student in this program, you will work toward becoming a teacher leader who can support all learners, including those with special needs. You will learn how to plan and administer effective programs and services for students with disabilities in a variety of educational environments, as well as how to collaborate with families and community members to improve student outcomes. You will also gain the skills needed to evaluate programs and design new ones, while learning how to use research-based practices based on federal legislation, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The EdD in Special Education is a fully online program that can be completed in three years. It is offered through our College of Professional Studies division.

The EdD in Special Education program is designed for professionals who want to become leaders in their field and make an impact on the lives of their students. The program emphasizes a focus on evidence-based practices that have been proven effective in working with students with disabilities. With this combination of real-world experience and cutting-edge research, you’ll be equipped to take on the unique challenges facing special education professionals today.

The EdD in Special Education program prepares graduates for leadership roles in the field of special education. The program features a curriculum that is supported by multiple research centers and institutes for gifted education and research, autism, and early childhood development.

With your doctorate, you can work in a variety of educational settings including public schools, private schools, colleges and education agencies. Strong candidates for this program are those with master’s degrees in special education or education-related fields, three years of teaching experience and a 3.0 GPA or better.

An Ed D in special education could mean that you are a special education teacher and want to better your teaching skills and knowledge, or it could mean that you would like to go into school administration.

Students with an Ed D in Special Education also tend to find themselves pursuing careers as counselors, librarians, social workers, speech therapists, and even nurses.

If you are currently working as a special education teacher and have thought about pursuing this degree, there are many benefits for you. For example, an Ed D will allow you to become a more effective educator by increasing the knowledge base of students with disabilities.

In this program, you’ll get a deeper understanding of pedagogical theory and how it can be applied to helping children with special needs. You’ll learn about specific conditions, like autism or emotional/behavioral disorders, so that you’re better equipped to help your students. You’ll also explore the key issues facing special education today, from inclusion to funding and more.

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