Dual Certification Elementary Education Special Education

The Dual Certification Elementary Education Special Education program is for students who wish to obtain a certification in elementary education (PreK-4) and special education (PreK-8). Students who complete the necessary courses will be certified to teach in an inclusive classroom. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA to be enrolled in the program.

What does it mean to be an elementary education teacher? It means you’re a person who loves to teach. You’re someone who wants to help young people learn and grow and become the best version of themselves. Are you one of these people? If so, then you might be a great fit for our Dual Certification Elementary Education Special Education program.

In this program, you’ll not only learn about how to become an elementary education teacher, but also how to teach children with special needs at the same time. You’ll get two certifications, which means you’ll be able to teach in both a general classroom and special needs-specific classrooms. No matter what kind of school or classroom environment you choose to work in, we have the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

A lot of students are drawn to the field of education because they have a passion for teaching. For some, that passion is less about being in the classroom, and more about working with students who have unique educational needs. A dual certification elementary education special education program prepares you for a career in special education as well as elementary education.

The curriculum combines the graduate-level information and skills needed for teacher certification with the knowledge required by advanced teaching professionals. Coursework includes advanced study in child development, literacy instruction, assessment, instructional technology and classroom management. Students may choose courses that align with their career goals and educational philosophy.

This program will prepare you to work with students from birth through sixth grade, including those who are exceptional, with a particular focus on meeting the needs of students with learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, intellectual disability, and/or autism spectrum disorder. You will be prepared to teach in inclusive elementary school classrooms as well as self-contained special education classrooms.

As a Dual Certification Elementary Education Special Education (DCEESE) student, you will have the opportunity to study both Elementary Education and Special Education. You will be able to earn New York State teacher certification in both areas at the same time. You will take the coursework required for initial certification as an elementary school teacher, as well as the coursework required for initial certification as a special education teacher.

You will be able to start your student teaching during your junior year. This is a full-time experience that you can begin in January and continue through May. The program features two placements: one in an elementary classroom (grades 1-6), and one in a special education classroom (grades 1-6).

You should talk to an advisor before applying to this program to make sure it is right for you. If you want to pursue dual certification but do not want to complete the DCEESE degree, you may earn your initial certification in elementary education and then take additional coursework leading to initial certification in special education after graduation.

Dual certification in both elementary and special education provides graduates with flexibility, giving them more opportunities to obtain employment in schools. With a dual certification in elementary and special education, you will be able to work with students who have disabilities in any general education setting from kindergarten through sixth grade.

The Dual Certification Elementary Education Special Education program is designed for teachers interested in working with students from kindergarten through sixth grade, but who also want to work with students with special needs. In this program, you will learn how to create an inclusive classroom and develop the skills needed to collaborate with other professionals in the school setting.

Students learn how to modify learning experiences for students with disabilities, allowing them to be a part of their mainstream classroom. Students will be prepared to meet the needs of all children, as well as collaborate with parents and other professionals to ensure that each student meets his or her full potential.

In this program, you will take courses that cover both elementary education and special education. You will learn about the foundations of special education, as well as a variety of teaching methods that can be used in inclusive and non-inclusive classrooms. You will also take courses in literacy and math for elementary teachers and education psychology.

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