Doctor in Special Education

Special education is a broad field. Special education teachers work with children who have any type of physical, emotional, intellectual or learning disability. Some special educators also teach gifted students with exceptional abilities. Special education teachers may provide instruction in a resource room, which is a special classroom for students who need extra help but will return to the regular classroom for some courses; in a self-contained classroom; in the student’s home; or in hospitals or institutions. 

They work with students individually and in groups to review material, teach information and study skills, and discuss issues related to the students’ disabilities. They also consult with parents, other teachers, counselors and administrators to develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that detail goals and objectives specific to each student’s needs.

Some special educators teach students at every grade level, including preschool through high school. Others specialize in one age group. They might work with deaf or hearing-impaired students and use sign language to communicate. Other special educators might focus on behavioral disorders or autism spectrum disorders.

A good doctor in Special Education is someone who is responsible for providing special-needs students with an education to the best of their ability. A doctor who specializes in Special Education will also work with parents, teachers, and other professionals to help guide the student in their educational development.

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