Dinky Doodads Speech Therapy

Dinky Doodads Speech Therapy manufactures toys to help children with speech therapy. The goal of the company is to produce toys which are engaging and interactive for the child, toddler or preschooler with speech disorders and conditions such as apraxia and dysphasia.

Dinky Doodads Speech Therapy is a clinic that provides speech therapy for children who are having issues with articulation and/or language acquisition in general. Our clinic is located in a small town outside of Austin, Texas and serves clients from The City of San Antonio to The City of Corpus Christi to The City of Laredo. We also provide services in surrounding areas.

Our clinic specializes in providing therapy for kids with different types of articulation problems, such as: lack of proper muscle control, misarticulation issues with sounds, speech sound production and motor planning, phonological awareness issues, and language-related learning disabilities.

Dinky Doodads is one of the largest manufacturers of therapy toys–children’s products for therapeutic use. In order to expand, the company is seeking a new location in the south, and has an opportunity to expand their manufacturing capabilities. They are looking for a unique location in which to locate their new production facility.

The company believes that its products are used most effectively when they are made by therapists who know how the toys are best used. The new facility will include a production area for Dinky Doodads therapeutic products, as well as an office space for therapists and sales personnel. In addition, there will be storage space for inventory and materials.

When you come to Dinky Doodads, we’ll create a personalized plan for you based on everything from your communication goals and your current skill level to any financial concerns or other challenges you may have. We offer individual and group sessions, as well as online sessions if mobility is an issue. We also provide support services for patients’ family members or caregivers, so everyone gets the help they need.

For those of you who don’t know, Dinky Doodads is a speech therapy business that focuses on helping young children overcome speech impediments through fun and creative activities that address the problem at its root. We believe that every child deserves to communicate freely and easily with the people around them, and we believe that this goal can be achieved through attentive care, innovative speech therapy techniques, and inventive games for learning.

Dinky Doodads is a small company based in Brooklyn, New York. They’re developing software that uses machine learning to help children with speech disorders learn how to speak more clearly.

The idea for Dinky Doodads was born out of an everyday observation of children talking. It’s not unusual for children to struggle with articulation, and most children eventually learn how to speak with greater clarity as they mature. However, some children have persistent difficulties—and they often need the help of a speech therapist to overcome these issues.

There are plenty of tools available for speech therapists, but none of them can provide the level of interaction or personalization that Dinky Doodads offers. Kids love video games, and the software is extremely easy for kids to use: kids just put on an inexpensive headset and microphone, and the software uses their voice input to play games that promote speech clarity at the right pace for each child. The software also tracks progress over time and helps therapists customize therapeutic plans using data generated by the system.

Dinky Doodads is a speech therapy practice, specializing in the treatment of misarticulation. We believe that not only is speech an important part of your self-expression, but it’s also key to the development of deep and meaningful connections with others. That’s why we believe so strongly in the power of speech therapy to help you reach your full potential in all aspects of life.

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