Data Sheet for Special Education

The data sheet for special education contains everything from where you can find the list of students with allergies to how we handle fire drills. We hope this document will help you when working with your students and their families so that everyone is prepared for what might come up during school hours.

Data Sheet for special education is designed to contain crucial and important information about the special needs students.


The data includes information like:

  • Student’s Name: Name
  • Class Schedule: Schedule
  • Daily Procedures: Procedures
  • Transition Routines: Routines
  • Behavior Management: Behavior
  • Feeding and Toileting Instructions: Instructions
  • Age: [age]
  • Sex: [male/female]
  • Date of Birth: [date of birth]
  • Grade: [grade level]
  • School: [school name]
  • Current Disability Identification Methodology
  • Favorite Color(s): [colors]
  • Allergies: [allergies]
  • Medications:[medications]
  • Morning Routine:[morning routine]
  • Afternoon Routine:[afternoon routine]
  • Home Address
  • Parent Names

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