Data Collection for Speech Therapy

Imagine a world where people could not speak. Life would be quiet and lonely. People would struggle to connect, to share, and to be heard. The idea of a world without words is scary, but for many Americans it’s a reality. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), more than seven million Americans are living with speech disorders, and those disorders can vary from minor to severe.

For young children, speech disorders can make it difficult to learn and make friends; for adults, they can make it challenging to hold down a job or form romantic relationships. And for everyone who lives with a speech disorder, the ability to communicate is often taken for granted until it’s gone.

That’s why we’re proud to announce [product name], our new data collection app that helps speech therapists track the progress of their patients in real-time. With [product name], therapists can easily track patient progress, set up reminders to administer therapy routines, and even record video of sessions right from their phone or tablet. They can also collect patient responses instantly through multiple-choice questions and text input fields—and all of this information is available right on their device.

As a speech-language pathologist, you have a lot of responsibilities. Your time is incredibly valuable. You’re probably putting in hours of extra time each week to make sure you have everything ready for your sessions, and that’s not even including the time spent with clients.

One of your biggest responsibilities is collecting the data you need on your clients, so you can measure their progress and share it with the other professionals on their case.

In order to streamline this process, we are building an app that will allow therapists to record patient progress through simple checkboxes. The therapist can then export an easy-to-read spreadsheet of progress to send to the parents, which will make it easier for parents to track their child’s improvement and become more involved in the therapy process.

As a speech therapist, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re getting to know your client’s unique needs and challenges, deciding on a course of action, and developing a plan for therapy. All of that is hard enough, but on top of that, you’ve got to keep track of the progress your clients are making.

A speech therapist needs a way to record and keep track of which words their patients are struggling with. The speech therapist could then use this data to create flashcards for the patient to practice on.

Speech therapists need to be able to track their clients’ progress in therapy. This can be done by keeping track of accurately performed syllables/words/phrases and percentage of words produced based on the number of opportunities given in a session.

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