Daily Activities for Preschoolers at Home

Daily activities for preschoolers at home is concerned with the development of children in their early years of life. The aim is to provide intellectual stimulation as well as physical exercise, and contribute to a sense of confidence and achievement in our young ones. This article guide provides information about daily activities for preschoolers at home, such as: scheduling, moving and music for preschoolers, moral activities for preschoolers, arts and crafts for preschoolers, games and free time activities for preschoolers. It also lists resources to further assist parents with the early development of their children.

Preschoolers learn best with their bodies, not with their minds. Preschool is a time when children are learning how to use their bodies in order to explore and understand the world around them.These activities can be used as a part of your daily routine. After these activities have been modeled for your child, you may choose to allow them to participate in the process of choosing the activities for each day’s schedule.

Here are some tips for helping preschoolers learn during the day:

  • Scheduling: Allow your child to help decide the theme of each day by asking questions such as “What do you want to learn today?” or “What do you want to play today?”

Write down the themes that your child chooses. Then ask if they also want to add a snack time or playtime with friends, etc.

Allow your child to help you write down the schedule (and include other family members) so they feel a sense of ownership in the process.

Post the schedule on the fridge or bulletin board so they can refer back to it at any time and see how they are progressing

  • Time management: Have your child keep track of the time and help them schedule activities throughout the day.
  • Movement: Make sure your child has plenty of room to move around, and have them do activities that encourage movement like dance or exercise.
  • Music: Music helps preschoolers learn through rhythmic patterns and repetition. Encourage them to listen to new songs or create their own music using instruments such as drums, tambourines or maracas.
  • Morals: Preschoolers are starting to develop a sense of right or wrong, so it’s important for parents to teach them about morals early on. You can do this by reading stories together where characters make good choices versus bad choices, discussing what happens in each situation and why one choice might be better than another one in that same scenario.

Moral Activities for Preschoolers include: playing games like Simon Says (where players must follow instructions if they want to win); doing crafts projects together like making paper airplane.

  • Put on a puppet show. If you’re looking for something more structured, this is a great go-to activity that’s sure to keep their attention. You can use puppets you bought or make your own from socks and other household materials. And let your child choose what happens in the story!
  • Go on a bear hunt: This one’s another classic: just go indoors (or outside, if it’s warm enough) and take turns calling out what “you” see, then decide on how to act it out: “I went through tall grass,” “I climbed over a rocky hill,” “I waded through deep water,” etc. It’s great fun for both of you!

  • Read books with them (if they’re learning to read, have them try out their skills on their own!). You can also read them books, or just have them look at and talk about the pictures in their own books.
  • Have them help you make dinner (they can help set the table, measure ingredients, stir batter, and more).
  • Let them finger paint on a big sheet of paper or poster board.
  • Play with an obstacle course: have them crawl through tunnels, jump over things, balance on beams, the possibilities are endless. Use pillows to build tunnels; have them crawl under chairs; have them jump over things; let them walk on pillowcases tied around their feet like shoes.
  • Put on a puppet show (you could even make the puppets together!).

  • Play “I Spy” in the backyard (this one works well inside too!).
  • Create a nature scavenger hunt checklist.

Daily Schedule for Preschool Activities at Home

  • 7:30-9 am: Breakfast/Morning Routine
  • 9-11:00 am: Outside Play
  • 11-12 pm: Lunchtime and Quiet Activities
  • 12-2 pm: Arts & Crafts/Free Time
  • 2-3 pm: Nap Time/Snack Time
  • 3-5 pm: Indoor Games/Movies

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