Cookie Jar Picture Speech Therapy

Cookie Jar Picture Speech Therapy is a speech therapy app that you can customize to your child’s needs and interests. As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else, so why shouldn’t you be able to control the therapy? With Cookie Jar Picture Speech Therapy, you can choose pictures from our library of over 500 images and create a custom therapy session in just minutes!

Your child will love pointing to pictures while listening to the speech therapist speak—it’s not just fun, it’s functional! This way your child will be engaged with the therapy and learning more than ever.

Cookie Jar Picture Speech Therapy uses visuals to help teach children how to say words. It also shows them what each word means. Cookie Jar Picture Speech Therapy has many different categories of pictures including animals, food, clothing, toys, school supplies, and more! The user can choose specific sounds or words that they want their child to learn about. Each category has over 100 pictures! This app is great for children who have trouble expressing themselves verbally because it can be used as an alternative communication method by helping them connect symbols with their thoughts so that they can communicate their ideas better.

Some of my clients have difficulty saying certain sounds or words due to a speech disorder such as apraxia or dysarthria. This app helps them practice saying those sounds or words in an engaging way! They love being able to choose from different categories depending on what interests them at that moment because this makes learning fun for them.

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