Color Cards Speech Therapy

Color Cards Speech Therapy is a private speech therapy practice for children ages 1-11. Color Cards specializes in using the Picture Exchange Communication System, which is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system focused on helping children who struggle with verbal communication.

Color Cards is a speech therapy app that helps special needs children learn to read by turning the written words they hear into colors. Written words are translated into colors. And when a child then reads aloud, they hear the word pronounced out loud. This allows them to read the word and say it back, which is an effective way of teaching reading skills. Color Cards also helps build confidence in children with disabilities because it lets them see their progress as they learn to read more words. Color Cards was created by a speech therapist who wanted to help her autistic son be able to read.

Color Cards is a game-based app that helps parents and their children with speech therapy. It was developed by speech pathology experts, and it provides a framework for children to practice their motor skills, vocabulary, and word combinations.

Color cards speech therapy is a fun and interactive way to help children with their speech using colors. Speech therapy can be difficult, but these flashcards help children learn how to pronounce colors in an educational and entertaining way. Each card shows the name of the color in large print, so that it is easy for the child to read. When the child reads the color on the card, they should then search for items of that color. 

For example, if they see a blue card they should look around for something blue. Finding things helps them improve their memory skills, while also teaching them colors. These cards are great for helping kids learn colors, but can also be used with preschoolers who are learning how to speak more clearly or read more fluently. This is a great way to reward kids for having fun with reading and learning at the same time.

The process of learning and practicing new forms of communication can be difficult for some. This is a program that was created by a speech therapist and her team to help with the process. The therapist, Amy Brown, and her team will create detailed lesson plans to help children ages 3-10 in the process of learning how to properly speak English. Color Cards Speech Therapy is meant to help children learn how to form words, sentences, and sounds through structured play. 

The program places an emphasis on including children in the decision making process while they are learning new ways of communicating. Children will be sent home with materials, such as flash cards and worksheets to practice their skills at home. This method has been proven to be effective in helping children who struggle with communication disorders.

Color Cards Speech Therapy (CCST) is an online platform that provides speech-language pathologists with educational materials to work with children who are learning to speak. CCST has a proprietary speech therapy program that can be used by parents, teachers, and speech therapists.

The problem is, traditional flash cards are boring. And when it comes to developing those skills, you need all the help you can get. Kids and adults alike have a tendency to tune out when they’re bored, so that’s where we come in.

Color Cards Speech Therapy turns those boring old flashcards into exciting works of art! Using the colors, shapes, and patterns that appeal to kids, our products make therapy fun! We know how hard it can be for kids to focus or pay attention to something that isn’t immediately interesting or engaging—and we want to change that for your child or patient.

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