College for Special Needs

The College for Special Needs is an accredited, four-year post-secondary institution. The College provides students with a specialized, comprehensive curriculum and the opportunity to experience college life in a supportive environment that fosters independence and confidence.

The College for Special Needs offers programs teaching children with special needs skills that will help them in all areas of life, including school and work, social situations, and daily living. The program is designed specifically to accommodate children with special needs to ensure they can succeed. We will work closely with your child’s primary care physician to ensure we are meeting all of their needs, including any medication or therapy they require. We will also work with the parents to determine what the goals are for their child, and regularly evaluate progress.

We know that many of our students have difficulty managing their time and staying organized. That’s why we offer workshops on how to manage your time, how to organize your space, how to be efficient with your work, how to remember important deadlines, and much more. Our goal is for each of our students to learn how to become self-sufficient individuals so they can succeed in their careers and personal lives.

Our program helps students develop skills necessary to live independently, pursue meaningful careers and pursue personal interests. We aim to help our students feel empowered and connected to others through vocational training and employment opportunities, as well as social activities, clubs and community service opportunities.

We offer many programs that allow our students to work toward individual goals related to personal growth, career development, academic achievement or other objectives such as earning an associate degree in business administration or getting certified in information technology. Our students receive personalized attention from faculty who understand their unique needs so they can reach their full potential while experiencing life at college like any other student would during their first year away from home.

The College fosters independence and confidence through educational support services, which include academic advising, tutoring, computer instruction, counseling, and career/life planning.

As a College for Special Needs student, you can enjoy all of the benefits of higher education without the stress of being treated like an outsider. The college’s courses are designed specifically to meet your needs, and its unique curriculum allows you to explore your interests in an environment that fosters independence and confidence.

Our faculty is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where you can learn from each other and grow as a person. We welcome people from all backgrounds who want to further their education by learning more about themselves and the world around them.

The College for Special Needs’ diverse student body includes individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dysgraphia and/or nonverbal learning disability (NVLD).

The College for Special Needs is a place like no other. We know that each student is unique, with their own strengths and challenges. We work directly with you and your family to help you succeed.

Our goal is for you to leave college prepared for career and personal success. With our expertise in developmental disabilities, we are able to provide the right balance of academics and life skills instruction to prepare you for what comes next.

The College offers students the chance to build self-esteem and advance their academic, social, and vocational skills through a unique combination of programs. In addition to traditional academic classes in English, math, science, history, and the arts, students participate in daily living skills classes where they learn about managing money, cooking healthy meals, navigating public transportation, and personal care skills such as dressing appropriately for different occasions.

Students also have the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives including art therapy, photography, music therapy, fitness/health classes (yoga), self-advocacy training, job interviewing skills training and employment preparation.

In addition to our rigorous academic program that prepares students for success in the workplace or continued education after graduation from The College for Special Needs , we also offer an array of extracurricular activities designed to further develop socialization skills in a fun environment.

The mission of the College for Special Needs is to provide a comprehensive college education that empowers young adults with special needs to transition into adulthood and become active members of their respective communities.

The College offers an academic program that includes four areas of focus: reading, writing, math and study skills; social skills and communication; career development; and independent living. The curriculum also incorporates community-based learning experiences that allow students to explore their interests outside the classroom setting.

Students at the College for Special Needs come from all over the country, and they leave as empowered adults ready to face any challenge head-on. Through a dedicated staff, a specialized curriculum, and a campus community built on support and encouragement, this school fosters each student’s unique abilities so that they can thrive in their future endeavors. 

The programs offered at the College for Special Needs build skills in professional and personal responsibility, self-advocacy, communication, decision-making, problem-solving and more. These skills create an independent mindset that will prepare these students to live fulfilling lives after graduation. In addition to these academic programs, the school offers an on-campus apartment with full kitchen facilities and laundry machines which help students learn how to live on their own.

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