Christmas Speech Therapy Worksheets

The holiday season is a time for family, friends, and loved ones. It’s also a time of year that is filled with sensory overload for children as well as adults. Everything from the lights to the sights to the sounds of this time of year can sometimes be too much for a person on the spectrum. While, we can’t tame all the chaos around us, we can give you some tools that will help your child cope with it.

This week we are offering you two worksheets. One is a Christmas themed vocabulary sheet that offers up Christmas themed words along with their definitions and pictures to help your child understand what they mean. We have also included a blank template so you can add additional words that are not included in our list. The second worksheet is a Christmas themed social rules exercise. This exercise helps children understand how to navigate situations during this time of year when they may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. We hope these help you and your child have a wonderful holiday season.

Have you ever noticed how excited kids get when they return to school after a long break? That’s because they know that getting back into the routine of school is going to be fun.

When it comes to speech therapy, it can be hard for kids to get excited about practicing their skills after a long break, especially if there isn’t anything exciting or new for them to work on. This is where holiday themed worksheets come in handy. You can use these worksheets as a way to help your child practice their speech and language skills over the holidays, while also using them as a way to keep them engaged and interested in what they are learning.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And what better way to prepare for the holidays than with Christmas speech therapy worksheets? These fun, themed activities are a great way to keep your little ones occupied while they practice their speech and language skills.

Practice your speech therapy homework with these printable Christmas worksheets. Print them out at home or download them to your computer and print them out later.

The first few pages are easy to assemble (just like a puzzle). Then you can use scissors or a glue stick to attach them together. After that, it’s just about adding color! The colors will vary depending on which version you choose (there are three options).

The worksheets we’ve made for you this year are an absolute joy to use and can be applied to any age group. There’s something for everyone, from those just learning to speak to those who have recently had a stroke or suffered a brain injury.

We’ve created these worksheets so you can help your clients practice their speech while also having fun with them during the holiday season. These worksheets will have your clients speaking in no time—and they’ll be doing it with a smile on their face.

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