Children’s Special Needs Beds

Children’s special needs beds are designed for children with various conditions. They allow for the child to be safer, more comfortable and better able to sleep. These beds are made from a hardwood frame and come in two types: manual or electric.

Manual beds allow caregivers to manually raise the head of the bed up and down with a hand crank. The back and foot of these beds can also be raised or lowered using an adjustable tension system to adjust the level of firmness required by your child.

Electric beds have controls that adjust the height of the frame and mattress at different points along its length. They also have a remote control which allows caregivers to easily make adjustments while they are away from their child’s bedside.

The frames are made from strong metal that is powder coated for durability and easy cleaning. They come with safety rails on either side so there is no chance of your child falling out when they get up during the night time hours! A child’s special needs bed will give them both comfort and security while sleeping which helps ensure that you get a good night sleep too!

Children with special needs may have to sleep in a hospital bed or other specially designed bed. A child may have a special needs bed if he or she has a disability, illness, or injury that requires the use of medical equipment.

A child with special needs may need to sleep on his or her back instead of stomach, and may need a mattress that is firmer. The bed should be in an area that is free from fire hazards and other dangers, such as electrical cords.

The mattress for a child with special needs should be firm but not hard. The mattress should support the head and neck, and prevent the body from sinking into it. A mattress that is too soft can cause discomfort and pain for a child who is ill or injured and unable to move around much.

A mattress should be at least four inches thick so that the child does not sink into it and get trapped inside. If you are buying a new mattress, make sure it can be used by children with special needs before purchasing it. Some mattresses are designed specifically for children with disabilities, while others are designed for adults who have mobility issues.

Some children with special needs will require different types of pillows depending on their condition or illness. 

The beds are designed to make a special needs child’s life more comfortable, taking into consideration the clinical needs of the child and the safety of caregivers. Each bed comes with casters and all beds can be bolted to the floor for increased safety. Rails can be added or removed, depending on the child’s needs.

Each bed comes standard with rails on both sides so you won’t have to worry about falls during those early morning wakings (or night terrors). They include an ultra-soft mattress with a waterproof cover as well as a pillowcase made from hypo-allergenic fabric for allergy sufferers.

The first step toward finding the right bed for your child is doing a little research about what their particular needs are. Some children may need additional support to help them breathe at night, while others may simply have trouble staying in one position without falling out of bed all the time. Once you know exactly which type of bed or mattress will best accommodate these special needs, you can search online or visit a local store to find the perfect fit. The next step is deciding on whether you want a traditional bed frame or if it’s better to invest in an adjustable frame with rails and side supports that can be easily adjusted as your child grows into adulthood.

The beds we provide are built from solid pine, allowing them to last for many years. The bed is raised using bed raisers, so that the mattress is four feet from the ground. This allows caregivers to easily care for your child, without having to bend over or lift them.

The beds we provide have safety rails for added protection and peace of mind. Our safety railings attach to both sides of the bed and extend down by the floor. Safety railings can be removed at any time.

In addition to this, our wooden children’s special needs beds include a mattress which is made from high-density foam. Our mattresses are provided with a waterproof cover that prevents mold and mildew growth.

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