Chewy Tubes Speech Therapy

The Chewy Tube is for anyone in need of sensory oral stimulation and is a safe alternative to chewing on fingers and clothes. The Chewy Tube is made out of flexible rubber and has a hole in the center so that it can be worn around the neck or attached to clothing. You can also attach a lanyard or rope to one end so that they are always within reach while you are working.

Chewy Tubes are designed for those working on speech therapy, who have good oral motor skills, but cannot make the /s/ sound. They are a great tool to use with children who chew on their fingers and clothing or need to work on that /s/ sound.

Chewy Tubes are designed to help patients develop biting and chewing skills through oral stimulation. Whether it’s learning to chew on one side or coordinating the mouth for biting and chewing, Chewy Tubes offer a solution for all kinds of challenges.

Chewy Tubes are made from safe, non-toxic materials, so you can rest assured that your patients will be safe when using them. Each tube has a different texture and firmness level so that no matter what challenges your patient is facing, there’s a tube that will work for them.

Chewy Tubes are great for children who have trouble eating because they can learn how to use their jaw muscles properly and develop good oral motor habits. They’re also good for adults who have lost muscle tone in their jaw after an injury or illness.

Chewy Tubes can be used as part of a larger therapy program or as stand-alone solutions for patients who need a little extra help with their oral motor skills. Make sure you get yours today.

Chewy Tubes is a brand of oral motor tool that’s used in conjunction with speech therapy for both children and adults. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be chewed on to help improve oral motor skills, which are important for speech articulation.

They’re used by speech therapists around the world to help their clients gain strength and agility when using their tongue, lips, jaw, and other areas in the mouth.

When used correctly, they can provide positive feedback to let you know when you’re applying the right amount of pressure. By providing this feedback, you can learn how to use them correctly and get the most out of your therapy sessions.

Chewy tubes were developed by a speech pathologist to provide oral motor input for children with special needs. They are designed for independent use, and can be used for children who are unable to tolerate a therapist’s touch in their mouth. Chewy tubes also promote jaw strength, improve oral coordination skills, and increase oral sensory awareness.

The most common use of Chewy Tubes is to help children with special needs remember to keep their mouths closed instead of hanging open. This can help reduce the risk of swallowing difficulties that can be caused by having an open mouth. Chewy tubes are also helpful for children who have difficulty keeping their tongue from moving forward in the mouth, which can lead to problems such as poor articulation or inability to make certain sounds correctly.

Chewy tubes can also be used as a way to calm down and relax when a child is upset or anxious. For example, if a child is nervous about going on an airplane ride, he may be able to use his chewy tube as a distraction from his fear by focusing on chewing instead of worrying about what will happen next during takeoff or landing.

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