Categories Worksheet Speech Therapy

This categories worksheet is for use in speech therapy, and is great for your young child or student with a speech delay. This worksheet gets them used to thinking of words that belong in certain categories. This will help them learn how to answer questions like “What do you play with?”, “What’s something you can eat?”, or “How many things can you think of that are blue?”.

Categories are groups of things that have something in common. For some categories, it’s easy to identify the “something” that is common. For example, a group of birds all have feathers, lay eggs, and can fly.

However, some categories are more difficult because the common thing is not always easy to see or define. For example, what makes a hat different than a ball? Or a spoon different than a knife?

There are many ways to group things into categories. One way is by function (what they do), another way is by appearance (how they look) and another way is by material (what they are made of).

This is the best way to get your students engaged and excited about speech therapy! These categories worksheets are the perfect way to help your students develop their verbal expressive language.

They’re a great activity to do as a warm-up at the beginning of a session, or alongside other activities. They’re also an excellent tool for parents who want to support their child in speech therapy at home.

The categories worksheets come in five different versions: fruit, vegetables, animals, occupations, and emotions. Each worksheet contains three different activity sheets with varying levels of complexity. The first activity involves writing the names of items that belong in the category (e.g., “Fruit”). The second activity involves writing descriptions of the items (e.g., “It is red”). And the third activity requires students to draw items from each category (e.g., drawing a picture of a banana).

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