Cards for Speech Therapy

These cards are a unique way for kids to practice their speech therapy. With our easy-to-understand diagrams, your child will be able to see where every single sound is made in the mouth. And because our cards are reusable and contain a fun DIY activity, your child will have no trouble getting motivated to do their best in speech therapy.

The only person who can make your child feel like they’re in charge of their own learning and growth is you. That’s why we built [product name] to help you be the speech therapist who will make a difference in your child’s life: a parent-led, data-driven speech therapy program.

A speech therapist or treatment center can never replace a parent’s love, patience, and investment. So we created a system that connects parents with the experts who can support them as they work with their children at home. When you use [product name], you become the best SLP your child has ever had—and believe us, they have all of our hearts when they do.

A card contains a picture of an object, and a word written below the picture. Students will try to make the ‘r’ sound in the word. The student can do this by saying the word out loud, or miming it with their mouth.

This is a deck of cards for use in speech therapy. Each card has a picture and a word. The words are arranged in terms of difficulty, so that new words are added slowly. This allows the patient to gain skills and confidence as they progress through the deck.

In order to help you practice the words you are working on, we will provide you with a set of cards. Each card has a word on it; your task is to say the word and use it in a sentence. You may use one of the cards to write down your sentence if that makes things easier for you.

Each card is printed with an image on one side and a word or phrase on the other. Speech therapists can use these cards during therapy sessions, and patients can use them for at-home practice. The cards also come with instructions for how to play fun, engaging games as well as tracking forms for therapists to track their patients’ progress.

The cards are designed to help improve articulation in young children and adults alike. They cover sounds in all English word positions, including initial, medial, final, and blends across all word positions. At this time, the cards are only available in English.

These cards are great for helping you focus on each child’s specific needs as well as keeping track of what you’ve already done with them. With cards like this available and ready to go when you walk into your speech therapy session, you’ll have one fewer thing to worry about.

The goal of speech therapy is to help people communicate. Speech therapists can treat any number of communication disorders, including articulation disorders, voice disorders, and fluency disorders (like stuttering). Speech therapists also work with people who have hearing loss or conditions like cerebral palsy, autism, or Parkinson’s.

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